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Kayak Rack that Holds 4

Is kayaking down the river, lake or beach one of your passions? Envisioning life out on the water is what helps many individuals get through the cold winter season. Now that spring has finally arrived, you can turn that vision into reality! Get those kayaks

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Quality Kayak/Canoe Storage Systems

Kayaks and canoes can be great fun, but storing them can be a headache. Some people leave them turned over on the ground all year long, making them a perfect place for animals to sleep under. Raccoons are not the nice, cuddly creatures we see

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Free Standing SUP Rack

Finally, warm weather is here! For many individuals, the realization that spring is finally here brings a big smile to your face because it means you can get back out on the water. For those people that have a passion for watersports, you have so

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Free Standing Kayak Storage Racks

Spring is, well… it’s here! Which means it’s the ideal time to take that kayak out on the water! Kayaking is a great hobby that people grow to love. There’s rarely a time where you can go out onto the water and not see a

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Free Standing Canoe Rack

Now that the spring weather has arrived, getting back on your local lake or river should be a high priority! For those individuals that love taking their canoe out on the water, it is finally almost warm enough for you to enjoy being out on

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Custom Kayak Racks

No matter what time of year it is, going kayaking is a great exercise. Whether you are doing it to get outdoors, exercise, or relieve some mental stress, a kayak is a great tool for those living on or near water. We always think of

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Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to Log Kayak Rack’s blog page. This is where we will offer additional information about our Kayak/Canoe Racks, provide tips, share product reviews, recent custom created rack designs and address related topics. We would like to welcome you to comment with any questions, concerns,

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