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Canoe Storage System


It looks like we are now officially in Canoe Season. What a wonderful way to get fresh air and exercise while enjoying nature. Proper storage is essential to keeping your canoe and gear in good shape and easily accessible. Log Kayak Rack has quality canoe racks that provide the perfect solution for seasonal and long-term storage. Our Log Canoe Storage Systems utilize weatherproof cedar for indoor and outdoor storage all year. They provide Secure Storage for your canoe, kayak, SUP and equipment.

Quality Canoe Racks

Canoe manufacturers are adamant about proper storage for their canoes. You need Secure Storage for your canoe that will protect it from damage. Canoes should never be stored on the ground. They should be placed upside down with the weight evenly distributed. Log Kayak Racks makes several handcrafted Log Canoe Storage Systems that are very durable and beautiful to look at. If you don’t see the perfect canoe rack for your specific needs simply contact us and we will design and create a storage system that works for you.

Log Canoe Storage Options

You can choose between our gorgeous, handcrafted Log Canoe Storage Options or have us create a custom design that better fits your needs. Each quality canoe rack is built to last up to 25 years. They can accommodate Canoes, Kayaks, Small Boats, Stand Up Paddleboards and your gear. Each item can weigh up to 100 lbs.

  • 8 Place – free standing canoe or kayak storage
  • 6 Place – free standing canoe/kayak rack
  • 4 Place – free standing canoe storage
  • 2 Place – free standing single sided canoe rack
  • 2 Place – free standing, double sided rack
  • 2 Place – mountable storage rack for canoes

Weatherproof Cedar Logs

Each Log Kayak Rack is handcrafted in the USA out of Weatherproof Northern White Cedar. Our log artisans utilize Cedar because of its durability, weather resistance and beauty. You can order our quality canoe racks with a finish, leave them unfinished or choose to finish them yourself.

Log Canoe Storage Systems

Contact Log Kayak Rack if you want to protect, organize or showcase your canoe and kayak collection. We handcraft each Log Canoe Storage System using Weatherproof Cedar for long-lasting results. Our Quality Canoe Racks can be used inside or outdoors all year round. This system provides secure storage for your canoe, kayak, paddle boat and equipment. Multiple styles are available.

Call Log Kayak Rack at 1-715-543-2006 or Order Online!