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Kayak Rack Details

Each and every rack we create is custom crafted and individually specific but there are many common features that all of our kayak and canoe racks share. Whether you’re looking at purchasing a dual, quad, or an eight-place multi storage rack for a combination of kayaks, canoes, and other small boats, you find the following details carefully crafted into your rack. 

  • Each rack is constructed from Northern White Cedar which is rated best for weather resistance.
  • Each rack has 4 5/8 inch post and feet and 3 in rails.
  • Each rack is glued, bolted, and screwed with galvanized screws.
  • Joinery where arms meet posts are 2 inch mortise and tenon giving full strength.
  • Commercial-grade kayak racks – Each rack, whether commissioned for private use or a commercial property is made strong and durable enough to withstand commercial use
  • It will weight from 100 – 150 lbs. depending on its size.
  • Each rack is designed in a way that is easy to get kayaks and canoes in and out.
  • Locking kayak is easy with a cable lock from local kayak store.
  • Can hold the heaviest of canoes, kayaks, and boat loads
  • Soft rest UV webbing and tie down safety straps can be provided for any rack.
  • Rails can be lengthened to accommodate extra-long kayaks or canoes or boat.
  • Any rack style can be customized to fit  a rowboat, paddle boat, or other small boat.
  • Each rack is easily assembled with supplied T-25-star bit for the Torx exterior screws, and a T-30-star bit for the GRK Structural screws. There are two tools that will be necessary to complete the assembly process. The first is a rubber mallet (or a hammer with a scrap block of wood). This will be used to tap joints together. The second is a 1/4″ bit driver (cordless drill) for T-25 and T-30 bits included in kit.

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Finishing Your Kayak Storage Rack

When staining or finishing, use a stain or outdoor finish in the color of your choice and follow the instructions that came with the specific product you have purchased. Breathable finishes will extend the life of the storage rack best. Make sure you let the wood age a bit prior to finishing it. This helps the stain to soak in. If you wish, you can also choose to leave it unfinished. In this case, it will weather to a gray color and still last for many years. If you would like us to finish your kayak rack before shipping to you, that’s also an option. More detailed information on the kayak rack finishes we offer can be found on our product finishes page.

Shop Kayak Racks Now

Shop our full selection of free-standing, ground buried, wall-mounted and dock-mounted kayak, canoe, and SUPs racks online now or if you have an unusual assortment or number of boats, give us a call at 1-715-534-2006. We’d be happy to talk through the various design options that would work best for your boat collection and property.