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Wall Mounted Dual Canoe-Kayak Storage System


Proper storage for your Canoe, Kayak or SUP is essential to keeping them in optimal shape. Log Kayak Rack builds beautiful storage systems that keep your personal water sports equipment organized and safe from harm. Each Wall-Mounted Storage System can safely hold two Canoes, Kayaks or SUPs or other small boats that weigh up to 100 lbs. each. These very durable dual storage racks are built of weather resistant Northern White Cedar. Mount them wherever it is most convenient for you. Canoe storage systems can be mounted in your garage, basement, shed or building exterior. It is easy to use Proper Storage Techniques with our Wall-Mounted system.

Wall Mounted Storage System for Canoes / Kayaks / SUPs

Safely store a Two-Person Kayak and your Canoe where it is most convenient. This is the best way to protect the investment that you made in your Kayak, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle Board, Raft or Paddle Boat. The 2 Place Wall Mounted unit can be safely mounted indoors or outdoors on the exterior of your home, shed or business. Each piece of watersports equipment will be protected from damages from storing on the ground or standing up in the garage.

Avoid Improper Canoe Storage Techniques

Your Canoe, Kayak or SUP is an investment in an active, outdoors lifestyle. You want to protect your investment and add years to its life by utilizing Proper Storage Techniques. Canoe manufacturers recommend that you avoid damaging your canoe by avoiding the following mistakes:

  • Do Not store your canoe by standing it up on one end
  • Do Not lay the canoe down on its side for a prolonged period of time
  • Do Not hang the canoe from its handles
  • Do Not store your canoe upside down on the ground
  • Do Not store the canoe while it is supported one end only

Durable Dual Storage Systems for Small Boats

Log Kayak Rack chose Northern White Cedar for its durability and beauty. Each Wall-Mount Dual Storage System is handcrafted by talented log artisans. We use Mortise and Tenon Joinery, with screws and glue for added strength and durability. Our Dual Storage Systems are weather resistant and durable enough for outdoor or indoor storage of two Small Boats. Weather resistant logs can provide year round, organized, outdoor storage for as long as 25 years.

Durable Cedar Canoe Storage Systems

Contact Log Kayak Rack to receive your own Wall Mounted Storage System for canoes, kayaks, rafts and other small boats and paddle boards. Our durable storage racks provide Proper Storage Techniques for 2 Canoes that weigh up to 100 lbs. each. Each handcrafted log rack is made of Weather-Resistant Northern White Cedar that can withstand outdoor weather conditions for up to 25 years. They are beautiful enough to mount indoors also.

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