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Kayak Storage and Display System


If you are an outdoor guru, you may think that the summer season should actually be renamed “boating season.” Summer, sunshine, and kayaks just go together don’t they? Each year, millions of people bust out their kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards and hit the water for some fun, outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, for those that threw their kayaks into the garage, or even gently placed their canoe right side up on the corner of a large closet, their boats and water toys may have become compromised. There goes your boating season! Log Kayak Rack protects your summer toys and offers kayak, canoe, and paddle board storage that is easy to setup, offering 2-8 slots for all of your summer fun!

What’s So Special About A Storage Rack?

Have you ever heard of keeping up with the Jones’? Once you buy our rack, you will be the next Jones family on the block. Log Kayak Rack has created a kayak rack system that can be customized to your liking! We offer a variety of finishes to make our northern white cedar match your house, dock, or trim, and we can also leave this beauty unfinished, and let it turn to a beautiful, natural weathered grey. Our paddle board storage system and kayak rack system can both hold the heaviest of boats, up to 100 or more pounds! We offer easy assembly with a video on our website and our expert support if you were to ever need assistance! Not only are our racks custom fit with 2-8 slots for your boats, but they are all 100% made in the USA! This means our racks are built to last! Fitting all types and sizes of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, our kayak rack system is free-standing and portable. It is so easy to set up that your neighbors may offer you money just to take yours!

The Real Reason for the Rack

Yes, it’s easy to assemble. Yes, it’s customizable. Yes, it’s super easy to setup. Yes, it’s for both outdoor and indoor use! There are so many good things to say about Log Kayak Racks but the number one, most important, ultimate goal of our racks is that they keep your kayak, canoe, paddle board, whatever you have, safe from deterioration. Its functional purpose is to clean up the waterfront and keep your precious items from getting ruined.

So, if you are ready for your kayak rack system or paddle board storage system, call Log Kayak Rack today! Each rack ships in approximately 5 days and should be received in less than 14 days! For more information, call us today at (715) 543-2006.