Log Kayak Racks FAQs

I received my rack and there is checking in the wood. Is this typical? Do these cracks affect the structure or sturdiness of the rack?
cracked-or-checked-cedar-logsWhen Northern White Cedar loses moisture and dries out, small cracks will appear in the exterior of the wood. These small cracks are called “checking” and are a natural and expected part of the drying process. As the logs dry out, they also shrink in size slightly. And because the logs are round, somewhere along the perimeter there has to be a give point, and that’s where checking occurs. Again, this is a natural process. Checking will not affect the log and does not crack through to the other side, only as far as the middle. This process will stop as soon as the log is completely dry. Checking is also what gives cedar log furniture part of its rustic appeal. The logs will weather to a silvery gray with approximately 2 years of sitting outdoors, and still keep the smooth feel they had when they were first placed.

Structurally, checking is not a concern. This is why white cedar is the first choice for outdoor structures—such as fencing, raised garden beds, outdoor log furniture, etc—that must stand up to extreme elements like humid summers and dry winters.

How do I Preserve the Life of this Kayak Rack?
We want you to enjoy your Log Kayak Rack for years to come. To ensure its longevity, we recommend that the feet are not in direct contact with the ground, but rather raised and set on landscaping block or a similar product.

You can order it with a finish (upgrade) or you can finish it yourself. Use a stain or outdoor finish in the color of your choice and follow the instructions on the can. Breathable finishes will extend the life of the rack the most. It is best to let the wood age a bit prior to finishing it. This helps the stain to soak in. You can also choose to leave it unfinished. In this case, it will weather to a gray color and still last for many years.

Why do the joints feel tight as I am assembling my rack?
We build our racks with tight joints to keep water out. Normally all you need is a rubber hammer or regular hammer with block of wood to keep hammer head from marking the wood. If too much moisture is in the wood from being left outside before assembly, you can dry it out by bringing it indoors. If you still have any problem, lightly sand the tenons which go into hole.
Can Canoes, Paddle boards, Wake boards, Surf Boards, Small Rafts, Paddle Boats or Other Small Boats up to 100 lbs. fit on these Kayak Racks?

Yes. If you have a specific model in question contact us directly at 1-715-543-2006 and we’ll let you know if the dimension and size of your boat will fit.

What can we Customize on our Kayak/Canoe Racks?

Pretty much everything. Length, Width, Height, Length of arms, Number of canoes or kayaks (or other boats). You can even send us a sketch with dimensions for a custom quote.

Can I secure this Kayak Rack to the Ground?
Yes. You can bolt it to any wood surface with wood screws. There are also kits you can purchase from our online store, use the following instructions to do so using our kit.

1. Insert the sharp tip of a spiral ring anchor into the dirt near the bottom center of the rack, if you are using one twist anchor. If you are using more than one, evenly space out.

2. Twist the anchor by hand so that it spirals into the soil. Stop when the spiraled section is completely hidden underground and only the ring on top of the anchor is visible.

3. Run a chain, cable or straps through the ring at the top of the anchor, then pass this same line over and around the center cross rail on kayak rack.

4. Secure the cable or chain using a small padlock or combination lock if desired. Tighten straps to keep rack tight to the anchors in the ground.

5. This method can be completed by using a kit purchased from LogKayakRack.com or purchase your own online or from a store. This method can be used to protect the rack from being stolen or from strong winds.

What if I want Shorter or Longer Arms?

Just call us direction to place a custom order. It is very easy to shorten the storage rack arms once you receive it, on your own or call to custom order to your specifications.

What is the Length and the Width of the Kayak Racks?

The length of the rack is the part parallel (or going in the same direction) with the kayak/canoe placed on the rack. The width is often longer and measures the length of the arms coming out on each side, plus the center post.

Is there an Alternative way of Ordering a Kayak Rack without using the Shopping Cart?

Yes, you may call to order or send a check in the mail to Hitch Exclusives 660 US Highway 51 Manitowish Waters, WI 54545

How will the Kayak Rack arrive?
Kayak racks are shipped unassembled and in a box. Log Kayak Racks products are shipped by UPS ground. You can expect your storage rack to arrive around 2 weeks after payment is received, or within the next 2 ½ weeks after placing the order (unless you call for a specific shipping date). They will come with glue, torx bits and fasteners needed to assemble and will go together in approx. 30 – 60 minutes with a common power drill or screw gun. Instructions are included and are available as a video online.
Can my delivery sit outside until I assemble it?
Yes, the Log Kayak Rack is for indoor or outdoor use, so no damage will occur to the product if it sits out until you can assemble it, or get it to the cabin. The only thing is the box and directions may get wet but there are always the downloadable and printable assembly instructions and assembly video on our website.
Is the Kayak Rack big and strong enough to hold a 2-Person Kayak and potentially a Single Kayak below it?

Yes, absolutely. All of our standard kayak racks, without customization, can handle these with ease.

Can the Standard Kayak Racks available hold 38 inch wide and 14 foot long equipment? Do you think these stands would hold kayaks that size and be easy to pull the kayaks off and back on?

Yes, it will fit.  However, if you are concerned, you could call and ask us to put longer 6 foot cross members, or lengthen the rack if you would like.

If you have any other questions we are just a phone call, email, or fax away. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday – Central Time. We are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction and always respond in a timely manner.

Office Phone: 1-715-543-2006

Office Fax: 1-715-543-2109

Office Email: sales@logkayakrack.com

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