Quality Wooden Storage Rack Uses

Wooden Storage RacksThe company name “Log Kayak Rack” is both informative, while also leaving a little out… while our quality wooden kayak storage racks are exactly what every avid kayakers might be missing, they aren’t exclusive to just kayaks. Canoes fit like a glove – even if they’re extra-long or wide. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) are secured perfectly. And we have the capabilities to allow you to safely store other small boats, rafts, or boards you may have, up to 100 lbs… The beauty of this company is our personal touch. We not only handcraft our durable wood kayak racks but we also communicate directly with our customers and all of this effort is put in place to benefit you, and subsequently your paddle boat of choice.

Freestanding & Wall Mounted Racks Available

If you’ve got the boards, we’ve got your storage solutions. Whether you’re a watersports rental company, large family or a small couple – we can cater directly to your requests. Be sure that you’re getting the highest performance results and the longest performance life out of your paddle boat with the help from Log Kayak Rack.

Standard Storage Systems

  • 8 Place Raft/Board/Boat Storage Rack – This free standing rack can fit the biggest combination of kayaks, canoes, boards, rafts and gear.
  • 6 Place Raft/Board/Boat Storage Rack – Three stacked storage slots back to back for all your small boat and gear storage needs. This storage system is completely free standing.
  • 4 Place Raft/Board/Boat Storage Rack – This quad paddle boat storage rack has two storage spaces stacked back to back and is stationary.
  • 2 Place Raft/Board/Boat Storage Rack (Stacked and Low) – There are two variations of this dual, free standing boat storage rack. Either with a single side, where 2 storage slots are stacked or a low version, with one slot on either side – front and back.
  • 2 Place Wall Mounted Raft/Board/Boat Storage Rack – Great if you’re lacking space, store up to two boats/boards/rafts and the gear.

Log Kayak Storage Racks

Whether you paddle a long river runner, creek boat, a smaller play boat…or maybe you have a variety of all three – our multi-kayak storage racks can handle them all and more. With our individually crafted product securing your kayaks you’ll have less mess, more organization and grabbing your kayak will be easy and effortless.

Log Canoe Storage Racks

Canoes come in a variety of designs. From a shorter and wider recreational style that makes for a steady and maneuverable trip on the water to a racing canoe – shaped long and narrow for aerodynamic purposes or canoes designed for whitewater rafting. Whatever your assortment, our durable canoe racks will ensure safety while storing.

Log Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Storage Racks

Stand up paddle boards have a variety of purposes, whether you’re surfing waves, taking in the scenery, or traveling white waters our solidly constructed paddle board storage racks can keep your paddle board in mint condition. Instead of searching for a place to safely store your board, designate a spot that will not only ensure that they stay secure in but also be displayed proudly.

Log Storage Racks for Small Boats

Paddle boats, row boats and surf boards need love too. Our cedar storage racks can also accommodate these and other boats, boards and rafts around 100 lbs. This might mean a little extra customization is required but we make custom designs easy and have completed numerous successful custom made designs for clients already.

Contact Log Kayak Rack for inquires, order from our standard selection online or contact us directly for custom design orders at 1-715-543-2006.