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Year Round Kayak Storage


Now that the beautiful spring weather has arrived, and summer is quickly approaching, it is time to bring back out those kayaks and get them into the water! We hope that you properly stored your kayaks during the winter season. If you did not, it is time to invest in long term protection for your kayak. No matter how many kayaks you own, Log Kayak Rack has a quality kayak storage rack just for you! Keeping these kayaks high and dry is very important for ensuring a long life. Kayaks can be big ticket items, so stop storing them on the ground where they risk getting damaged.

Kayaking Facts

Although kayaking has now become a sport, the original use of a kayak was for hunting. The term kayak means “hunter’s boat”. These were great for hunting because they were small and very quiet on the water. The first kayaks were made out of wood or whale bone with animal skin stretched on the outside. These kayaks have transformed over time and are now an official Olympic sport.

Types of Kayak Storage Racks

What is great about Log Kayak Rack is that if you do not like one of our standard rack options, we can create a custom rack for you. These racks are weather resistant, and do wonderful in all types of climates. Our most popular kayak rack systems include:

  • 2 Kayak Slots – For individuals with just one or two kayaks, this is the perfect unit because it does not take up much space, yet it protects your boats from scratches and dents. The color and finish can be customized.
  • 4 Kayak Slots – The quad rack has two racks stacked side by side. This rack provides ample kayak storage as well as room for paddles, life jackets and plenty of other gear needed.
  • 6 Kayak Slots – For the advanced, our 6 slot system can protect your watersport materials with ease. Commonly, these are used at facilities that offer rental kayaks.
  • 8 Kayak Slots – Our largest storage system can hold up to 8 kayaks at one time. When investing in this many kayaks, it is important to keep them protected and to extend the life of the kayaks. That is how our storage racks can help!

Now is your time to start with a clean slate when it comes to protecting your kayaks. Team up with Log Kayak Rack today to help protect your kayaks year round. Give us a call at (715) 543-2006 to learn more about our various kayak rack storage systems.