Kayak Storage Systems

Paddle Board Storage RackThe innovative Kayak Storage Systems at Log Kayak Rack provide excellent storage opportunities for Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards and Paddle Boat storage. Each rack is handcrafted out of Weather Resistant White Cedar Logs. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with nature and provide a safe and secure way to organize and display a collection of small boats. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations for Paddle Board Storage to Paddle Boat Storage Racks that can be utilized indoor or outdoor.

Kayaking and Canoeing Adventures

There has been an increased interest across the country for water sports that allow you to connect with nature. Kayaking and Canoeing adventures run the gamut from paddling around the local pond to exploring the country. Spending the day on the water is a wonderful way to see birds and wildlife that are not accessible from land. At the end of the day you must take care of your boat to keep it in optimal shape for the next great adventure.

Kayak, Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Board Storage

Entire families can take part in water sports that feature a Kayak, Canoe or Paddle Boat. The need for small boat storage options has grown with the boating trend. The innovators at Log Kayak Rack have developed a line of Kayak, Canoe and Paddle Board Storage Racks that are like nothing you have seen before.

These very weatherproof log racks are extremely durable. Log Kayak Rack provides storage options from 2 place racks to 8 place options. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, no problem we will Custom Design a storage system that suits your needs perfectly.

Paddle Boat Storage Rack

Most paddle boat manufactures recommend storing your boat inside during the off-season. Depending on where you live this can be several months or a very short timespan. Paddle Boat Storage Racks from the Log Kayak Rack can be used for indoor storage or outdoor storage. They are made of cedar logs that can be finished to coordinate with your décor or left unfinished and aged with a rustic patina.

Storage Solution for Kayak | Canoe | SUP

Log Kayak Rack has designed storage solutions that work great for just about any type of personal watercraft. If you can paddle it you need to be able to store it safe from harm. Paddle Boat Storage Racks are available in a range of sizes and configurations to fit a Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Raft or other small boats. We have paddle board storage solutions that are built to last for decades.

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