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Quality Kayak/Canoe Storage Systems


Kayaks and canoes can be great fun, but storing them can be a headache. Some people leave them turned over on the ground all year long, making them a perfect place for animals to sleep under. Raccoons are not the nice, cuddly creatures we see in Disney movies, and finding one sleeping under your over-turned canoe is not exactly a welcome surprise. Some people hang their kayaks in the garage or store them in a boat house, but the Styrofoam in them can be an excellent source of warmth for mice in the winter. If you own a kayak, ensure that is stays in great condition by storing it properly with the help from Log Kayak Rack.

Storage System Specialized for Kayaks and Canoes

Specialized storage racks for kayaks and canoes are your best option. These racks can be free-standing or attachable to docks, garages, or even trees. Storage racks allow kayaks and canoes (and other items) to be stored off the ground, therefore preventing animals from sleeping under them and lessening the probability of mice chewing on them. Storing those items off the ground also prevents them from collecting mud during rain storms. The proper storage rack will allow your equipment to stay in better condition and therefore last longer.

Different Materials used for Kayak and Canoe Storage Systems:

  • Wood
  • Steel/Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • PVC Piping
  • Straps/Pulley Hoists

Appealing Kayak Storage System

All the above storage options are all suitable materials for storing water equipment, but the benefits gained from wood, especially cedar log racks, are hard to ignore. Steel can last 25 years or so, but it can be rather ugly standing between the trees and next to a lake. Cedar log racks do not need to be painted and can be aesthetically pleasing sitting next to some sun-drenched beach property.

Easy to Use Kayak/Canoe Storage System

Log racks also make retrieving or storing a kayak or canoe very easy. Pulley hoists work well if someone knows what they’re doing, but a child and even teenagers can have complications with them (we all know how teenagers get lobotomies at 13 and aren’t given their brains back for about a decade). Imagine a careless teenager trying to get a kayak down from a pulley hoist. Cedar racks make retrieving and storing equipment a breeze.

Cedar log racks are also durable, obviously capable of withstanding the harshest elements (including teenagers). PVC can crack under extreme cold and aluminum can corrode, but cedar is weatherproof and can last in the same conditions for years.

Quality Storage Construction

Another advantage of cedar, particularly native species such as the Northern White Cedar, is that the racks are guaranteed to be made in North America. Non-native wood can have the possibility of being illegally imported. But buying native cedar means you have no risk of buying some cheaply made piece of metal spewed out on an assembly line from the other side of the world.

Of course, racks such as these can be used for more than just kayaks and canoes. Stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, surfboards, water skis, and rafts are all possible uses for cedar log racks.

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