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Kayak Rack that Holds 4


Is kayaking down the river, lake or beach one of your passions? Envisioning life out on the water is what helps many individuals get through the cold winter season. Now that spring has finally arrived, you can turn that vision into reality! Get those kayaks ready so that you can go out and enjoy this beautiful weather. As much as you have been told that you should wear sunscreen to protect yourself, you should also take the proper precautions to protect your kayaks! That is where Log Kayak Rack can help. If you own multiple kayaks and need a place for them to be stored, team up with our experienced staff to provide you with a kayak rack that holds 4.

What Makes Our Kayak Storage Unique?

  • Long Lasting Products – When investing in storage for your kayaks, you want something built to last. Our durable log kayak storage can last up to 25 years.
  • Quality Materials – By choosing a log kayak rack by Hitch Exclusives, your storage piece will be constructed with northern white cedar wood. This type of wood is some of the longest lasting wood on the market.
  • Customization – We do not want your weatherproof kayak rack to be an eyesore. That is why we offer customization to match your home or dock.
  • Strong Support – Our 4 slot kayak rack can withstand lots of weight, ensuring that your kayaks are always protected.
  • Made In America – With a passion for providing jobs to the community and using home built materials, 100% of our racks are made in the United States.

Why Choose the Quad Rack?

If you are an avid kayaker, odds are that you have multiple kayaks. Even if you don’t have 4 currently, choosing our quad rack will give you room to grow should you decide to add on to your kayak collection. Our 4 slot rack offers area for paddles, life jackets as well as your kayaks. Keeping your kayaks dry and high will help your water toys last longer. Other ways our quad rack are a great investment include limiting your risk of dents or scratches, protecting your kayaks from harsh weather, and keeping bugs and animals out!

Don’t keep your kayaks unattended in the sand or mud. Instead, provide protection by investing in storage from Log Kayak Rack. Our kayak rack that holds 4 may be just the rack you have been looking for; give us a call today at 1-715-543-2006 to learn more about our products.