Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks

Paddle Board Storage RackAre you paddling to catch the ocean surf? Perhaps enjoy a smooth, glossy lake? Or maybe river rapids are more your speed? There are many paces when it comes to Stand Up Paddle Boarding and regardless the body of water you choose it is crucial to make sure your board is protected while being stored; our durable stand up paddle board racks can offer you that and more. Chances are your board holds the memories of some amazing times, don’t just toss it aside when it’s time to come in, display it so the memories can inspire you towards new ventures doing what it is you really love. Our stand up paddle board storage racks are made out of quality cedar logs, giving them extreme strength and a beautiful appearance. We have many paddle board storage rack sizes, our standard racks hold anywhere between 2 and 8 stand up paddle boards and if that’s not exactly what you need we can custom create your specific design.

Paddle boarding requires minimal equipment but the board itself is definitely at the top of that list. If your board gets cracked, dinged or otherwise damaged you can say goodbye to catching that tide until it’s repaired…you might have heard of some quick fixes like duct tape or packing tape but those are short term fixes that might not be your best option in the long run. A great way to decrease the risk of damages is to store your paddle board properly, like on a rustic looking, weather proof stand up paddle board rack…which we have in stock and ready to ship to you, just select your size or custom make a rack and you’ll be seeing it at your door in just a few weeks tops.

Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Systems

8 Place Paddle Board Rack – The largest of our selection is a free standing paddle board storage system that can hold up to 8 paddle boards and gear. Great for short term and long term storage of many boards, or a variety of boards, rafts, gear and small boats. They can hold paddle boards that are extra-long, super-short, narrow, wide and any size.

6 Place Paddle Board Rack – Maybe you’ve got a collection but it’s not quite big enough for the need of 8 storage slots, our 6 place free standing SUP rack holds up to 6 boards. This storage and display stand securely stacks 3 paddle boards back to back and will definitely keep your SUPs safe and clean while they wait patiently for the next exploration.

4 Place Paddle Board Rack – If you need storage room for gear and boards that will last for many years, our free standing paddle board rack that holds 4 may be a perfect fit. This style features two storage slots, back to back to hold a total of four paddle boards, or a combination of boards, rafts or smaller boats. Be confident in the condition of your boards and gear when you’re away by purchasing proper storage that will prevent from avoidable damages.

2 Place Paddle Board Rack – Maybe you’ve just taken the plunge and discovered your new love for paddle boarding and with that came a realization you need a proper place to store your board/s…there are many options out there but nothing like our quality dual paddle board storage systems – we have a variety; mounted style, and two different free standing styles. We personally handcraft each individual storage rack for unrivaled beauty and strength. You’ll enjoy the appeal that our product brings when you displayed your paddle boards on this rustic, solidly crafted rack.

Custom Stand Up Paddle Board Rack – If none of our standard storage racks do the trick, there’s no need to worry, we can custom create a design of your choice. With the same weather resistant cedar, the same attention to detail and the same outstanding direct customer support. Love the look, love the function!

Stop dragging that board around, put it somewhere safe and easy; store it on our quality, stand up paddle board storage racks…shop our storage selection online or contact Log Kayak Rack directly for custom paddle board rack orders at 1-715-543-2006.

Our paddle board storage racks are available throughout the U.S., including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and more.