Kayak & Canoe Storage Systems

If you’re looking for a combination kayak, canoe and paddle board storage system for your cabin, beach, resort, cottage, log home, rental store, hotel, waterfront property or even garage – there is not a better constructed and more skillfully crafted storage rack than the ones crafted by Log Kayak Rack. Whether you intend for the rack to be located ocean side, lakeside, riverside, or even homestead – our canoe and kayak storage racks will look good and hold up anywhere. We offer a standard selection of kayak and canoe racks to simplify orders for our customers, as well as have the expertise to create custom designed storage racks to tailor to our customers’ exact needs.

Canoe & Kayak Racks of Every Size

Kayak Rack Storage SystemWhether you like the peace and solitude of kayaking or canoeing alone or have a multi-generational sized collection of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards and need something that will fit them all – Log Kayak Rack is your best storage solution. Our canoe and kayak storage racks are easy to maintain because they are made out of northern white cedar logs, which are naturally weather resistant. They require minimum upkeep and provide lasing beauty.

Our standard storage racks can hold 2, 4, 6, and even 8 kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. We can also custom make any kayak storage system you desire. Our cedar storage and display racks are great as either outdoor or indoor storage solutions and make it easy to organize your collection of water sport equipment. They can also be easily portable, anchored, mounted and cable ties can be effortlessly installed to discourage theft. Best of all, they eliminate the need to haul your kayaks and canoes around, making it easier and quicker to get back out on the water when you’re ready.

8 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack

Log Kayak Rack offers free standing kayak, canoe and paddle board racks that hold up to four kayaks or canoes and four stand up paddle boards. Custom eight place kayak or canoe racks can be ordered to hold up to eight kayaks or four kayaks and four canoes by calling us at (715) 543-2006. This eight place storage rack is perfect for anyone who has a collection of watersport equipment they would like to keep tidy and well taken care of. Our eight kayak/canoe storage rack has been specifically designed to support your boats and keep them secure, dry and organized. This storage design stacks four boats on each side, so access and protection is available even with a variety of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. These kayak racks are great for resorts, on-the-beach restaurants, parks, homes, docks, cabins and anywhere near the water that frequently sees piles of boats along the shore.

6 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack

Our hand crafted and durable six free standing kayak/canoe storage rack can hold up to six kayaks, canoes and paddle boards of any size. The freestanding storage rack system stacks three boats on each side securely and safely. This is a great way to protect your growing collection of watersport equipment and ensures that there is a place for any of your friends that share the same passion as you.

4 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack

A quad kayak/canoe rack is a great option for a small group that wants to keep their kayaks, canoes and paddle boards together, organized and in great condition. This freestanding four slot kayak rack stacks two boats on both the front and back side securely. When you choose a storage system from Log Kayak Rack your equipment will look great on and off the water.

2 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack

One of our two place kayak/canoe racks has two boat slots in the front. This freestanding dual kayak, canoe and paddle boat storage system makes it easy to store two boats, even with minimal room, as there is only need to access the storage rack one side. This double kayak/canoe storage system can hold kayaks, canoes and paddle boards of any size and keeps them off the ground, secure and dry.

2 Place Double Sided Kayak/Canoe Rack

Our second dual, freestanding kayak/canoe rack storage system has a boat slot on either side. This design allows the kayaks, canoes and paddle boats to be lower to the ground, which may make storing and accessing easier for some. Our handcrafted and durable two slot kayak storage system is perfect for kayaks, canoes and paddle boards of any size and keeps them looking newer for longer.

2 Place Mountable Kayak/Canoe Rack

Our third dual kayak/canoe rack is mountable. It provides a storage space this is up and out of the way, yet still has all the beauty and strength of our freestanding styles. Our mountable kayak/canoe rack can hold the weight of up to two boats.

Secure Kayak/Canoe Storage Racks

Secure your on-water investments, while also keeping them in great shape by selecting one of our standard kayak and canoe storage systems or contact us directly and we can craft a design all of your own. No matter what your storage need is, we have the skills to find your perfect solution. No more mess, no more pileups and no more hauling your kayak, canoe or paddle boats around. Just purchase, set up and enjoy the benefits, without all the maintenance. Storing your kayak or canoe doesn’t have to look cold and metallic. Our beautiful wood kayak racks blend in with the surroundings, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Hand Crafted Kayak/Canoe Racks

Add to the beauty and function of your yard or property by selecting a hand-crafted kayak/canoe storage rack from Log Kayak Rack. Our products are all hand made in the USA! Our dedication is apparent on arrival of your new kayak, canoe and paddle board rack. For any questions or custom design requests contact us at 1-715-543-2006.