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Benefits of a Small Boat Storage Rack


There is nothing better than heading out on the water in your small boat! It is relaxing, peaceful and fun. Whether your small boat of choice is a kayak, canoe, paddle boat or a surfboard, you want to also take good care of it when it is not in the water, so that it can continue to take you on these amazing journeys. Storing your small boat can be cumbersome and difficult without a dedicated storage system. The easy thing is to leave your kayak or canoe on the ground until you need it again. But, it gets underfoot and can actually become damaged over time. A storage rack can immediately add organization and protect your boat, so that it is ready to go back out on the water when you are.

Why Choose a Log Kayak Rack

Log Kayak Rack makes hand crafted small boat storage racks using beautiful Northern White Cedar Wood, which is durable, weatherproof and will last more than two decades, whether you decide to keep it inside or out. Keep reading to discover a few of the many benefits of using a Log Kayak Rack storage rack for your small boat.


Whether you have a couple kayaks or a fleet of various small boats, our racks will add organization to your boats and property by giving each boat it’s own slot for safe keeping when it’s not in use.


When safely stowed away in a Log Kayak Rack, your boat will be protected from damages associated with leaving them unattended.

Attractive Design

A lot of racks can hold a kayak, but our racks showcase them too. The attractive natural design of our cedar logs creates a safe and beautiful place to keep your boats that will add to the look your property and not stick out like a sore thumb.

High & Dry

When not in the water, the best place to keep your boats is high and dry. Our small boat racks will get your boat off the ground where it’s safest and allow it to dry completely between uses.

Hull Damage

One of the biggest problems with improperly stored kayaks and other small boats is hull damage. When boats aren’t stored properly, the weight of the boat on itself can lead to a misshapen boat. Our racks are specifically designed to distribute the weight properly to maintain the shape of your boat and extends its life.

Color Matched

Our cedar boat racks can be finished in any color you like to match your home, trim, fencing, or anything else in your yard, or they can be left unfinished for a rustic, weathered look that will still last for up to 25 years.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our kayak racks are sturdy enough for outdoor use while attractive enough for indoor use. No matter where you put it, you’ll love the look and function of your Log Kayak Rack.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is a breeze. We ship your rack to you for free along with assembly instructions and almost everything you’ll need to put it together. There’s a video on our website for additional assistance, plus our strong customer service team is here if you need them.


Whether it’s high winds, harsh winters or salty waters, our weatherproof storage systems are built tough to withstand almost anything mother nature can dish up and protect your boats from the elements.

Variety of Options to Meet Your Kayak Storage Needs

In addition, Log Kayak Rack makes a variety of white cedar wood storage racks to meet your needs. You can choose between a rack with 2, 4, 6 or 8 slots for your kayak or canoe, or you can provide your own exact specifications to have a custom-built rack made, just for your needs. Our experienced woodworker can work directly with you to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for in your storage rack. This is a great way to protect your small boat and keep it in tip top shape.

Contact Log Kayak Rack Today!

With all the benefits of our boat racks, now is a great time to buy a storage system for your small boats. Log Kayak Rack is ready to partner with you to create the perfect storage system for you. Shop from our available selection of kayak/canoe/SUP and paddle board storage systems for sale online or call 1-715-543-2006 to get started on a custom project!