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Kayak Storage Racks


It’s finally that time of the year again! Folks are getting out their kayak, canoe, and paddle board, to head off on their great summer adventure in the water. Hopefully, they stored it correctly! All too often, people have inappropriate spaces for kayak, canoe, and paddle board storage. These precious items then end up damaged, with mildew, and some of them even permanently destroyed, all from improper storage. Log Kayak Rack can fix all of these problems! Our racks are all shipped and are easy to assemble. Ranging anywhere from 2-8 slots, we are your go-to spot for any type of boat storage.

The Benefits of a Nice Rack (Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board Storage)

  • Keep your boats organized all year long! If you have several boats, piling them up isn’t good for their structure and it makes them incredibly hard to get to!
  • Our racks are durable! The Log Kayak Racks can be used for both indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Our racks are attractive! Made out of quality Northern White Cedar Wood, our wood is nicer than the rest, even if you decide to go with the unfinished look. We also have the ability to finish your rack to match your home, fence, trim, gate, door, etc., so that your finished product is perfect for you and your family.
  • Keeping boats high and dry. There’s nothing worse than pulling a kayak out of storage and seeing mildew all over it. Our racks are designed and positioned to keep your boats dry and off of the floor where moisture can often collect.
  • It’s all about that shape. Looks aren’t everything but when it comes to the maneuvering of your boat, you want it to look and feel nice. By using our storage system, your kayak, canoe, or paddle board will keep its look and shape longer!

Log Kayak Rack

Investing in a heavy duty storage rack means that you are investing in your hobby. Our racks can support the weight of over a 100 lb boat. We offer easy assembly with instructions and videos on our website. We are proud to say that our racks are durably constructed and 100% made in the USA.

So if you are looking for kayak, canoe, or paddle board storage, look no further than Log Kayak Rack! With easy assembly, a durable and well designed product, and 2-8 slots for all of your dream gear, you can’t go wrong here! To order your rack today or find out more information, call us at 1-715-543-2006 or e-mail us at