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Log Kayak Retailers


To ensure that the experience you have when purchasing a kayak rack is pleasant, Log Kayak Rack is very selective on who they decide to partner with. Our sales team goes through a thorough evaluation anytime we choose to sell our well respected product at a retailer. In order to maintain the reputation that our kayak racks have gained over the years, the entire sale experience must be easy and seamless for the customer. Currently, you can find our kayak racks being sold at just 6 retailers. Offering both onsite and online retailers, you are sure to find a retailer that you are comfortable working with.

Log Kayak Rack Retailers:

  • L&M Fleet Supply – This retailer has 8 locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. L&M Supply sells a wide range of products including our log kayak racks. Offering our products at a fair price, this organization also takes customer service very seriously, which lined up with our philosophies.
  • Contrail Sports – Another retailer that has 3 locations to visit. With the reputation that Contrail Sports has developed over the years, we felt that they would be a great fit for our log kayak racks.
  • Hayward Outfitters – This retailer in Wisconsin focuses specifically on water sports. They sell canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, which falls in line perfectly with our product. This was a no brainer to partner with Hayward Outfitters because of the type of customer that they attract.
  • – The name speaks for itself. Amazon is arguably the most popular online retailer today. The majority of transactions completed on Amazon are quick and easy for the customer, and the shipping speed is fast! Now, customers can order a log kayak rack without having to get off of the couch!
  • – Another online retailer that we could not pass up. has been around for years, and it is a perfect retailer for our kayak racks to get noticed.
  • Wildwood Outdoor Adventures – Located in Eagle River, Wisconsin, this adventure retailer not only sells our products but also offers trips, lessons, rentals, and tours. This hands on outdoor retailer is a perfect spot for our kayak racks to be sold and displayed.

So, if you are in the market for a kayak rack built to last, choose from one of the 6 Log Kayak Rack retailers that provide excellent customer service or order from us online, any choice you make will ensure the buying process is easy and our company’s unmatched customer service. Log Kayak Rack is excited for the partnerships that we have developed with these retailers. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 to learn more about our retailers and top notch kayak racks.