Weatherproof Kayak Storage System

Kayak Storage RackFamilies that love to Kayak together will really appreciate the convenience and reliability of Weatherproof Cedar Kayak Storage Racks. They provide secure storage for all of your personal water sports equipment. Log Kayak Rack by Hitch Exclusives makes handcrafted storage systems that can accommodate Kayaks, Canoes, SUPs and small boats. You can choose from durable log racks in a variety of sizes and applications. Cedar storage racks keep your equipment organized and displayed beautifully for up to 25 years. They are perfect for Paddle Board Storage and Canoes weighing up to 100 lbs. each.

Weatherproof Cedar Kayak Storage Rack

White Cedar makes the perfect Kayak Storage Racks due to its many attributes. At Log kayak Rack we chose Northern White Cedar for our storage systems simply because we love how well it works. Cedar is widely recognized as being very Weatherproof and Durable. The lovely patina of untreated cedar wood is appreciated by many of our customers. Unfinished Cedar remains nearly indestructible for decades in all kinds of weather. We also provide a number of different finishes to match the look you may prefer.

Durable Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board Storage

Log kayak racks are available for versatile applications. Free Standing and Wall Mounted options each provide Secure Storage that protects your watercraft from damage. They are designed to be very durable for use Indoors or Outdoors all year long. Weatherproof Cedar Storage Racks are just as comfortable placed by the lake, river, pond or ocean. What type of personal water sports equipment does your family enjoy?

  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • Raft
  • Small Boat
  • Paddle Board
  • Peddle Boats

Safe and Secure Storage Systems

Improper storage of kayaks, canoes and other small boats can lead to unnecessary wear and damage. Log Kayak Racks are designed to keep kayaks secured off of the ground where they are protected from damage. By leaving a kayak lying on the ground you are risking Scratching, Dents, Hull Damage and shortened lifespan of your favorite boats. Display them beautifully Organized, Safe and Secure so they are ready for your next Family Kayaking Adventure.

Beautiful Handcrafted Cedar Storage Racks

Log Kayak Rack provides the perfect solution to Protect, Organize and Display your favorite water equipment. Beautiful Handcrafted Cedar Storage Racks provide secure storage for your Canoe, Kayak and Paddle Board. Weatherproof Cedar Kayak Storage Racks are durable enough for outdoor paddle board storage and charming enough for indoor kayak storage.

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