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Canoe / Kayak Racks with 6 Spaces

Keep your assortment of kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and other small boats looking new with proper storage; Log Kayak Rack offers a handcrafted 6 slot kayak/canoe storage system that’s a fantastic selection for anyone with a growing love of watersports and sees a possible advance in their collection. Our durably constructed 6 slot kayak/canoe rack has two quad racks back to back – holding 6 kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, or other boats total. With our exceptional product storing and caring for your kayak and canoes will be easier than ever and they’ll actually look good out of the water.

Heavy Duty Kayak/Canoe Storage

Proudly display your collection outdoors, while keeping them protected. Our free standing 6 place kayak/canoe storage rack is very strong, it can hold even the heaviest of kayaks and canoes. Log Kayak Rack crafts our storage systems out of Northern White Cedar because they are hardy, require little maintenance and can even be left unfinished. Take your kayak, canoe and paddle board assortment to new levels by selecting a sturdy storage rack, handcrafted in the USA.

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Ski Storage?

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Benefits of our 6 slot Kayak/Canoe Rack

  • Good Amount Space for Paddles, Lifejackets, and other Gear
  • Perfect for Both Inside and Outside Installation
  • Organizes and Displays Your Collection
  • Keeps Your Boats High and Dry
  • Weather Resistant
  • Prevents Insects and Small Animals from Entering and Nesting
  • Can be left Portable, Bolted Down, or Secured Permanently
  • Unique and Rustic Looking
  • Rack can be Finished in any Color
  • Minimal Upkeep Required
  • Free Standing Rack
  • Secure and Durable
  • Can Extend the Performance Life of your Boats
  • Prevents Boats from Scratches and Dents
  • Made in the USA

Details of our Kayak/Canoe Rack that Holds 6

  • Dimensions: 76W x 51L x 75H – Base: 48W x 51L
  • Constructed from Northern White Cedar Logs
  • Available in Unfinished, Natural and Dark Oak Finish
  • Rack Posts are 4 5/8 inch
  • Rack Rails are 3 inches
  • Solidly Glued, Bolted, and Screwed with Galvanized Screws
  • Joinery where the Arms Meet
  • 2 inch Mortise and Tenon for Strength
  • 2 Back to Back Boat Storing Slots
  • UV Soft Rest Webbing Available
  • Tie Down Safety Straps Available
  • Weighs 100-150 lbs. (weight depends on size)
  • Simple to Put Together, check out our Instructional Video on our Website
  • For Longer Kayaks, Canoes or Boats we can Add Cross Rails
  • Fully Customizable


Simplified Kayak/Canoe Storage

Save your energy for on the water, don’t drag your boats around causing strain to you and to them. Ensure that they are safe and prepared for you when you’re ready for your next adventure. The better you treat your kayaks and canoes the longer you’ll get to use them. No one enjoys looking at a pile of kayaks, canoes, paddle boats or an assortment of small boats left on the ground, they get dirty, look messy and someone could easily walk away with them. Our Kayak Racks are built tough and designed for easy storage that is secure and looks good.

Solid Cedar Kayak/Canoe Storage Rack

Our hand crafted, free standing 6 place kayak/canoe rack can store a variety of sports equipment and gear. Log Kayak Rack makes it easy to stay organized, keep your kayaks and canoes looking new and at the highest level of their performance. There is no other product that can offer you the rustic look and highly secure storage solutions that our solid cedar kayak/canoe storage system can.

Order our quality kayak/canoe rack that holds up to 6 boats online or contact us for a custom design at 1-715-543-2006.