Free Standing SUP Rack

SUP Storage SystemFinally, warm weather is here! For many individuals, the realization that spring is finally here brings a big smile to your face because it means you can get back out on the water. For those people that have a passion for watersports, you have so many types of products that you can use. From boats and jet skis, to canoes and kayaks, there is something for people in all stages of life. Recently, stand up paddle boards (SUP) have become a very popular item out on the water. Stand up paddle boards can be used in the ocean, rivers and lakes. Once you purchase one of these boards, it is important that you think about how you plan on storing it. No need to worry, by teaming up with Log Kayak Rack, we can provide you with a free standing SUP rack that will keep your paddle board protected! Made from cedar logs, our racks not only offer protection, but they also provide an amazing look.

Importance of SUP Storage

When it comes to paddle boarding, you only have one piece of equipment, your board. If something goes wrong with your paddle board, it will put a huge damper on your fun out on the water. Even the smallest crack or dent can alter the way your paddle board maneuvers. Our technicians understand that, which is where our durable SUP storage rack comes into play. By storing your paddle board in one of our racks, you don’t have to worry about your board getting dinged up.

SUP Storage Systems Offered

Whether you are interested in one of our standard racks, or you are looking for us to create a custom built storage rack for you, we can get the job done. Our secure SUP storage system is offered in the following styles:

  • 8 Place Rack – The largest storage rack that we offer, this structure can house up to 8 paddle boards of any size all at once.
  • 6 Place Rack – This style can hold up to 6 paddle boards by stacking 3 boards back to back.
  • 4 Place Rack – A product built to last for over 20 years. Designed to contain up to 4 boards, this is one of our most popular styles.
  • 2 Place Rack – New to the paddle board lifestyle? This is a great starting rack as it can hold up to 2 paddle boards.

Whether you have been using your SUP board for years or you just picked up the hobby, you must keep your board protected. Partner with Log Kayak Rack today to invest in a free standing SUP rack. Give us a call at 1-715-543-2006 to learn more about our products.