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Kayak Rack Finishes

Log Kayak Rack offers only solid and quality made kayak/canoe racks, each of our standard storage racks sold here can be shipped to you completed in a variety of ways. Every kayak/canoe rack we have available is handcrafted out of Northern White Cedar. We choose this wood because it is highly weather resistant and can last for years without any type of finish. That being said, we offer our multi-boat storage racks available in three distinct options: Unfinished, Natural Finish, Dark Finish.

Kayak/Canoe Rack Wood Finish Options

Our experienced woodworkers like to use a finish that is highly rated, breathable, high quality, affordable, long lasting and beautiful. That is why we choose to finish our log kayak/canoe racks with Sherwin Williams SuperDeck finish. Simplicity can be beautiful too, which is why we only offer two selections of stain but you are welcome to use any type of stain you like once you receive your storage rack. This keeps touchups easy and finding the exact match for your product simple, while also catering to our clients favored look.


This is simplicity at its finest. The beautiful Northern White Cedar is eye-catching even when unfinished and if no stain is added, there is no need for touchups. But be aware that the color will gray, due to the elements. So, if you elect to keep your cedar kayak/canoe rack unfinished the color will change and the light, raw look will fade into gray. Even left unfinished our storage racks will last for years.

If you purchase a kayak/canoe rack from us and are planning on finishing it yourself be sure to let the wood age a little before staining/painting/etc. It’s also best to use breathable finishes, whichever finish you choose be sure to follow the instructions given for that exact brand.

Finished with One Coat – Natural

If you select to have your cedar kayak/canoe storage rack stained ‘natural’ we will apply one coat of  SuperDeck Natural. This product is translucent and brings out the natural beauty of the grains, while also giving it some extra moisture and UV protection. This stain product is created for a one coat application but through the years touchups may be needed. Just visually inspect your kayak/canoe rack and make a determination if it is time for a touchup or recoat. While our product can last for years unfinished, finishing it and timely touchups will further extend its performance and beauty.

Finished with One Coat – Canyon Brown

If your one that likes the distinctive look of dark wood, we’ve definitely got a finish perfect for you: SuperDeck Canyon Brown. This easy to find product is designed for a one coat application finish and is a finish our woodworking experts have used and loved for years. This finish is translucent, breathable and also offers moisture and UV protection. A visual inspection is all that is needed when questioning if touchups or a recoating would be beneficial. With good proper preservation our kayak/canoe rack with a dark finish can last and stay attractive for years.

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Choose the Look of your Kayak/Canoe Rack

Whether you choose from our standard kayak/canoe storage systems or you contact us for a custom created rack – you choose the finish, or lack of one and we will send you exactly what you desire. Log Kayak Rack is dedicated to quality products that are beautiful enough to display anywhere and durable enough to last many years there.

To store your kayak, canoe or paddle board somewhere beautiful contact Log Kayak Rack with any questions, purchase our products online or call us for custom orders at 1-715-543-2006.