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Tips for Organizing All Your Water Sports Gear

When you have a free summer day, and the sun is shining, you don’t want to have to wonder where your kayak paddle is, stock your first-aid kit, or if your paddle board is ready. You want to go!

If you want to keep your water sports gear organized and hit the water faster, then read on! We share tips and tricks to keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Staying organized helps you get on the water, and it helps protect your equipment for the long run.

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Kayak Racks for Resorts

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsResorts like yours, located near or on the water, are wildly popular for weekend getaways or extended vacations for many families and groups of friends looking to unplug and reset. The water is a huge selling point for your guests as it offers so many things to do in the beautiful outdoors no matter your guests’ fitness level, age or interests. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking and fishing are a few of the most popular outdoor activities and as a waterfront resort…

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Outdoor Recreation Storage for Paddlers

Log Kayak StorageWarmer weather is right around the corner! As you bust out your kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards, be sure to take a good look at its wear and tear. Any damage? Any signs of decay? Weatherproof storage systems are a must when it comes to storing your small boats. Log Kayak Rack is the perfect solution, both during and after boating season…

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Paddleboard Storage

PBS RackLooking for paddleboard storage? At Log Kayak Rack, we have just the solution for you. If you love your paddleboard and are interested in keeping it safe for many years to come, consider one of our paddle board storage racks. Whether you are paddling through the ocean or doing yoga in the middle of a still lake, your paddleboard is your ticket out into the water. For this reason, Log Kayak Rack has created paddleboard storage racks that will offer you a safe place to rest your paddleboards until you are ready for your next adventure. a safe place to rest your paddleboards until you are ready for your next adventure.

Free Standing Kayak/Canoe/SUP Racks

Kayak/Canoe Storage RackIf you enjoy the outdoors, especially watersports, you go where the action is and probably prefer to be out in nature rather than sitting around at home in front of the TV. You love adventure and nothing is more fun than kayaking, paddleboarding and canoeing. Even though you prefer to be on the water, you also recognize the importance of storing your small boat to keep it safe and ready for your next trip!Continue Reading →

Canoe and Paddle Board Storage Options

Small Boat StorageDo you have a passion for spending your free time out on the water? Do you prefer to spend your time on a canoe or paddle board rather than a boat with a motor? At Log Kayak Rack, we feel the same way! There’s nothing much better than taking your small boat out on your nearby lake and getting a little exercise while you explore the waters! If you are anything like us, we’d prefer to stay out on the water at all times. However, life becomes busy and you often find yourself only having enough time to daydream about being out on the water with your canoe or paddle board. When you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to spend time with your small boat on the water, where are you storing your canoe or paddle board when it’s not in use? If you don’t have a good answer about how your items are stored, Log Kayak Rack has a solution. It is time to protect your canoe or paddle boards in one of our durable and long lasting storage racks.