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Tips for Organizing All Your Water Sports Gear


When you have a free summer day, and the sun is shining, you don’t want to have to wonder where your kayak paddle is, stock your first-aid kit, or if your paddle board is ready. You want to go!

If you want to keep your water sports gear organized and hit the water faster, then read on! We share tips and tricks to keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Staying organized helps you get on the water, and it helps protect your equipment for the long run.

Organize Your Water Sports Gear

These storage tips help you find your gear quickly and take better care of your equipment.

Kayak, Canoe and, Paddle Board
Preserve the life of your kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards, by placing them on their custom rack between uses. If you’re using the equipment on the same day, then it’s okay to pull it out of the water and let it rest between uses.

However, for overnight storage and longer periods, make sure you store them properly in a custom storage rack. You invest in your equipment, so invest in a storage solution that will protect it! 

You want to keep your paddles in the same place, but keep each kind of paddle separate from the others. You can do this by installing hooks to create a shelf in your garage or shed. Organize the paddles by highest use and make sure they’re at comfortable reach level. You shouldn’t need to use a ladder to grab your kayak paddles!

Life Jackets
Your life jackets need to be able to hang up and dry out after each use. You want them to properly dry while keep them off the ground and away from insects and dirt. A great way to store life jackets is for each person to be responsible for his or her life jacket with individual hooks. Have a couple of hooks for extra life jackets for when you have guests.

Wet Suits
Similar to life jackets, you need to let them completely dry out in between uses. This is important for the material’s durability, and it’s just not fun pulling on an already damp wet suit. Add hooks to the walls that will enable the wet suit to hang down without touching the ground and dry out.

First-Aid Kits
Your first aid kit should be somewhere that’s easily accessible and visible. It might be tempting to stuff your first-aid kit in your kayak and just leave it there all summer. If that means the difference between you remembering it or forgetting it on your next trip, then that’s okay. However, we recommend having the first-aid kit sit on a shelf near your paddles or life jackets to help you remember it.

By bringing it inside, you can check it over between trips to make sure you have everything you need and nothing is damaged. You don’t want to realize the band-aids are waterlogged when you’re on your next trip and you need them.

 Follow these tips for organizing all your water gear and you’ll increase the life of your equipment and be able to enjoy the water much faster!

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