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Canoe & Kayak Storage Solution for Campgrounds

Lakeside Campground

From hiking and biking to kayaking and canoeing to bird watching and fireside sitting, campers are generally outdoor enthusiasts. Their love of nature and the great outdoors is what keeps them going and we see a lot of campgrounds and RV parks offering kayak, canoe and standup paddle board rental as an added amenity for campers. But we know having an entire fleet of boats can get cumbersome without a sturdy storage rack to keep them organized. Our 24-place log kayak and canoe racks provide the ideal storage solution for campgrounds.

Why Log Kayak Racks are Great for Campgrounds & RV Parks

Finding kayak storage for your campground is not always easy. Durable, commercial-grade storage that can handle heavy use is a must. And if you’ve got an entire campground to run, more than likely you won’t want to deal with a lot of maintenance. And to keep your kayak and canoes in the best shape possible, you’ll probably want to offer convenient, outdoor storage that’s close to the water.

Log Kayak Racks offer durable, practical storage for kayaks, canoes and SUP with serval styles that can hold more than 10 crafts. But that’s not all that makes them the perfect storage solution for campgrounds.

Rated for Outdoor Use

Constructed from Northern White Cedar, our kayak and canoe racks are rated best for weather resistance. They will last for many, many years outside whether you stain them or leave them to weather naturally.

Commercial Grade Construction

Our canoe and kayak racks have commercial-grade construction. We use 2-inch mortise and tenon joinery, plus glue and galvanized screws for an even stronger finished rack. Each arm of the rack can hold up to 100lbs, easily supporting even the heaviest kayaks and canoes.

Easy to Use

If your campground caters to families, you’ll want a kayak rack that’s intuitive for kayakers and canoers of all experiences. Our storage racks are designed to make it easy for even unfamiliar users to lift the kayak or canoe in and out. This makes for happy campers and reduces the risk of your equipment getting damaged.

Designed to Hold a Lot of Boats

We have a variety of kayak and canoe rack designs that can hold anywhere from a single boat to 24. The majority are meant to provide neat and orderly storage for multiple kayaks and canoes. No matter how many kayaks and canoes your campground has available for rent, we are sure to have a rack to hold them.

Beautiful & Practical

If you own or work at a campground or RV park, you probably love the great outdoors as much as we do. And chances are, you probably don’t want a kayak rack that’s going to stand out and ruin the view. Made from beautiful, natural cedar logs, our kayak racks blend into the natural surroundings, adding to the beauty of your campground. The cedar logs can be left to weather naturally or they can be stained to match your camp store or other buildings.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take great pride in both quality of our kayak racks and our exceptional customer service. When you contact Log Kayak Rack with questions or concerns, we’ll be there to offer a solution.

Made in the USA

Log Kayak Rack is family owned. Our kayak racks are proudly designed and produced in Wisconsin, USA.

Shop Log Kayak Rack for Campground Kayak & Canoe Storage Solutions

Built for frequent use and the great outdoors, our multi-place kayak racks are the perfect storage solution for campgrounds and RV parks. Keep your campers happy and your campground looking great.  Shop our kayak racks online now. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom canoe storage rack built to the exact needs of your campground.