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Not Your Average Kayak, Canoe & SUP Racks


If you enjoy the outdoors, especially watersports, you go where the action is and probably prefer to be out in nature rather than sitting around at home in front of the TV. You love adventure and nothing is more fun than kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing. Even though you prefer to be on the water, you also recognize the importance of storing your small boat to keep it safe and ready for your next trip! Make sure your kayak, canoe and SUP rack is up for the task.

Unique Durable Small Boat Storage Systems

Log Kayak Rack offers a wide selection of heavy duty kayak, canoe and stand-up paddle board (SUP) storage racks, handcrafted from beautiful northern white cedar logs. These aren’t your average kayak rack. Our durable storage systems are designed to hold multiple small boats, are strong and weather resistant, and add to the natural, rustic beauty of their surroundings. Many of our racks are free standing, which means that they can be used both inside and out. While we certainly realize that you would much rather be out on the water, our storage racks offer a way to organize your boats, keep your home or cabin looking clean and protect your kayak, canoe or SUP.

Benefits of Log Kayak Rack’s Equipment Storage

There are many things that set our weatherproof watercraft storage systems apart from the competition.

  • Our protective kayak, canoe and SUP racks can be finished to match your home, fence, trim, gate, dock, Etc. An unfinished option is also available.
  • The northern white cedar that we use is beautiful enough to keep indoors but is also durable enough to stay outdoors, making it a year-round storage option.
  • Our storage system can support even the heaviest kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and other small boats. (Our racks are built to support over 100 lbs.)
  • We use a finish that can easily be found at many local retailers so that you can touch up the rack if you need to.
  • Durably constructed and will last you many years!
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions and video on our website.
  • All of our products are made in the USA.

Order your Log Kayak Rack Online

Our storage racks have a lot of flexibility and can hold 2, 4, 6 or 8 small boats depending on how many you have. We can also custom build a rack to meet the specific needs of your space, all you need to do is let us know what you are looking for. Now you can keep your property more organized and showcase your kayaks, canoes and SUPs, instead of tripping over them. Contact Log Kayak Rack for more information at 1-715-543-2006 or shop our standard kayak and canoe rack collection online now.