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Paddleboard Storage


Looking for paddleboard storage? At Log Kayak Rack, we have just the solution for you. If you love your paddleboard and are interested in keeping it safe for many years to come, consider one of our paddle board storage racks. Whether you are paddling through the ocean or doing yoga in the middle of a still lake, your paddleboard is your ticket out into the water. For this reason, Log Kayak Rack has created paddleboard storage racks that will offer you a safe place to rest your paddleboards until you are ready for your next adventure.

Paddle Board Storage Rack Systems

Paddle boarding equipment is very minimal, but it is not cheap. Cracks, dings, and other damage can basically make your paddleboard a distant memory. This is why we have created a weatherproof, stand up paddleboard rack that will keep those nicks and dings away from your board and help you continue to let the good times roll. We have a variety of storage options for you to choose from:

  • 8 Place Paddle Board Rack: If you own several paddleboards or even rent them out at a lake or resort, this is a great rack for you. It can hold a variety of boards, short, long, narrow, wide, etc., and you can’t beat the number.
  • 6 Place Paddle Board Rack: Perhaps eight is too much and five is too small. Our 6 place paddleboard rack has got you covered. Not only does it provide proper storage, it certainly makes for a nice display. This rack secures 3 paddleboards in the back and front, allowing safe and clean stacking.
  • 4 Place Paddle Board Rack: This rack is perfect for a small, outdoor and adventurous family. You can fit two paddleboards on either side and be extremely confident that your paddleboards will remain safe and avoid damages.
  • 2 Place Paddle Board Rack: This type of rack is well utilized among our customers. For most people just getting started on the board, or for those who only have two paddleboards anyway, nothing beats this deal! The options of versatility for this rack are endless. You can mount these, or have them free standing two different ways. Keep any of these racks both indoors and out. The beauty of these racks will no doubt get you compliments from every onlooker.
  • Custom Stand Up Paddle Board Rack: Not seeing what you like? No problem. Log Kayak Rack can easily create a custom stand up paddleboard rack that is just right for you. While all of these racks can keep paddleboards and a combination of other boards, rafts, and other small boats, we can also design something multifunctional. Store your paddleboards and kayaks together! No matter what you decide, Log Kayak Rack will deliver your rack with quality.

For more information on paddleboard storage in the U.S., give Log Kayak Rack a call today at (717) 543-2006 or send us an email at