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Outdoor Recreation Storage for Paddlers


Warmer weather is right around the corner! As you bust out your kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards, be sure to take a good look at its wear and tear. Any damage? Any signs of decay? Weatherproof storage systems are a must when it comes to storing your small boats. Log Kayak Rack is the perfect solution, both during and after boating season, for storing your boats and keeping them “water ready” all year long.

Risks Without Weatherproof Storage Systems

It’s a lot easier to point out all of the positives of our kayak racks, canoe racks and SUP racks, but why buy them in the first place? Can’t you just leave them in the garage like when you first bought them? Why buy weatherproof storage systems like Log Kayak Rack? Hello, spiders and varmints! It only takes one time for a mouse to chew through your kayak for you to truly understand the importance of proper storage. Mold, rust and and general damage can occur to your precious kayaks, canoes, and SUPs without proper storage. Not only does it look distasteful laying on the side of your garage, it really wears on the actual boat. When the sun starts heating up the air and you start itching for the water, you want to be able to grab your stuff and go! It’d be a real shame to get out on the water and sink your boat due to improper storage. Kayak racks, canoe racks, and SUP racks are the perfect way to easily store your items all year long.

Organization Skills

Do you want a system that’s going to impress the neighbors and bring sanity to your plethora of boats? Log Kayak Rack cleans up the unorganized chaos of kayaks and canoes that may be left out in the yard or thrown into a garage. We offer an attractive Northern White Cedar rack that is decay-resistant and can be left outdoors year-round. Our weatherproof storage systems provide an aesthetically pleasing look that is built to last. Our kayak racks, canoe racks, and SUP racks can hold small boats over 100lbs. We offer six different designs based on your boating needs and can custom-fit your wants into the perfect rack for you. We can deliver your rack completely unfinished, giving it a natural grey look, or finish the rack to match the house, fence, dock, or furniture that you may be using.

Our kayak racks, canoe racks, and SUP racks are for both indoor and outdoor use. They are freestanding and portable, and can be moved to wherever suits your needs. We hope as the warmer weather approaches, you are able to get out and enjoy the water! If you are ready for an outdoor recreation storage solution that works, call Log Kayak Rack today at (715) 543-2006 or email us at