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The Dos and Don’ts of Kayak Storage


It is the start of pumpkin spice season, and before you know it, the holidays are sneaking up along with company dropping over. It might be hard to squeeze in time to go kayaking. What is a kayaker to do with their gear for the fall and winter? We offer the best dos and don’ts of proper fall and winter kayak storage.

By storing your gear properly, you’ll protect it during the offseason and have less maintenance in the spring when you’re ready to start paddling again.

Top Four Don’ts of Kayak Storage

  1. Don’t leave it out in the sun. The UV rays could fade and damage the plastic.
  2. Don’t leave the cockpit uncovered unless you want a mouse or some other wild critter to make a home there.
  3. Don’t put the kayak outside unlocked. Not everyone is as honest as you.
  4. Don’t store the kayak dirty and wet. Clean off the sand, mud, and other yucky materials with a hose and let it air dry.

Top 5 Dos of Kayak Storage

  1. If you use a tarp or cover, put it so it is not in direct contact with the kayak. Moisture could be trapped and cause mold and fungus.
  2. Keep the kayak away from a heating source like a heater since it could damage the plastic.
  3. Put plastic kayaks on its side.
  4. Put away composite kayaks with the hull up or on its side.
  5. Store canoes upside down.

Custom, Quality Kayak Storage Solutions

Ensure your kayak and canoes proper storage by choosing a quality product designed specifically for kayak storage. Log Kayak Rack has a multitude of kayak storage racks that will provide your kayaks with a safe, secure and a darn good-looking place to stay until you’re once again ready for them. The racks are made from Northern White Cedar Logs, which are naturally weather resistant.

Log Kayak Rack offers kayak/canoe racks of every size. They offer storage racks that can hold 2, 4, 6, and even 8 kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards; plus, they can custom make anything you need.

The cedar storage and display racks are great for both outdoor and indoor and make it easy to organize a collection of water sports equipment.  The racks are not only perfect for kayaks but also canoes. Their capabilities to allow you to safely store other small boats, rafts, or boards you may have, up to 100 lbs.

They can also be easily portable, anchored, mounted and cable ties can be effortlessly installed to discourage theft. Best of all, they eliminate the need to haul your kayaks and canoes around. The racks make it easier to quickly get back out on the water when you’re ready or need time to mellow out for all the holiday hoopla.

For any questions or custom design requests, contact us at 1-715-543-2006.