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The Best Fall & Winter Storage for Your Kayak

It is the start of pumpkin spice season, and before you know it, the holidays are sneaking up along with company dropping over. It might be hard to squeeze in time to go kayaking. What is a kayaker to do with their gear for the fall and winter? We offer the best dos and don’ts of proper fall and winter kayak storage.

By storing your gear properly, you’ll protect it during the offseason and have less maintenance in the spring when you’re ready to start paddling again.

Top Four Don’ts of Kayak Storage

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How to Order a Custom Kayak Rack Online

Your outdoor sports equipment such as your kayaks deserve proper storage. During the off-season, your kayaks, boats, longboards and more have the potential to suffer wear and tear if stored on the ground or in a tight space. A custom kayak storage rack is made to fit your unique needs out of premium materials and built tough to withstand years of use.

It’s All in the Details: Creating Your Kayak Rack Specs

Before you order your custom kayak rack, you should understand the specifications you need your kayak rack built to satisfy. Our custom racks are built in many different sizes. First, decide what you’ll need to store. Do you own mostly kayaks? Or, do you own a mix of watersport equipment? From here, you can choose between:

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Understanding the Many Design Options for Your Kayak Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsWhen you buy a new kayak, you will want to protect your investment with the right type of storage unit. Selecting the right design can be challenging, because of the many options available for kayak rack designs. Here are some of the design decisions you will need to make.

Kayak storage units come in a variety of materials that include, wood, metal, nylon and other industrial-strength fabrics, and PVC. Selecting the best material for your kayak rack depends on several factors, including whether you will be storing your kayak inside or outside, how many kayaks you will be storing, how much room you have for storage and, of course, your budget.

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The Benefits of Owning Your Own Kayak Storage Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsAfter you experience the sunset in your kayak from the lake, you’ll want to store your vessel somewhere safe, preparing for your next adventure. The best way to store is using a kayak storage rack, the perfect addition to your backyard or shoreline.

There are many benefits to owning a kayak storage rack of your own. The best choice for high-quality design that you can be proud of, they will continue to protect your investment—instead of storing your kayak on the ground or in your crowded shed.

Let’s look at a few of the top benefits of using a custom-made storage system.
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Waterside Boat Storage Options

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsHello boating season! That’s right, it’s the best time of year. The sun is shining and everyone is getting their boats out of storage and ready for the season. So many people this time of year grab their kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards and start dusting them off. They notice breakdown and even rotting in areas where it shouldn’t be. This is likely due to improper storage. When you own any type of small boat, you should protect it! Investing in something that can safely store your small boats is a priceless item. This is why Log Kayak Rack offers waterside boat storage options of all shapes and sizes.

Free Standing Kayak Storage Racks

Log Kayak Rack RetailersIf you’re looking for a unique, durable, wooden free standing kayak storage rack, look no further than Log Kayak Rack. As a Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin kayak rack company, we build kayak racks for boaters all over the country, providing heavy duty kayak storage racks to boaters and boarders alike. Our custom made wood kayak storage racks are one of a kind in design, built to be durable and aesthetically pleasing, no matter where you set them up. Our free standing kayak storage racks are perfect for boaters with one kayak or eight kayaks, and if you have other types of boats or boards, our boat racks are the perfect aquatic storage solution for those, as well!