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How to Order a Custom Kayak Rack Online


Your outdoor sports equipment such as your kayaks deserve proper storage. During the off-season, your kayaks, boats, longboards and more have the potential to suffer wear and tear if stored on the ground or in a tight space. A custom kayak storage rack is made to fit your unique needs out of premium materials and built tough to withstand years of use.

It’s All in the Details: Creating Your Kayak Rack Specs

Before you order your custom kayak rack, you should understand the specifications you need your kayak rack built to satisfy. Our custom racks are built in many different sizes. First, decide what you’ll need to store. Do you own mostly kayaks? Or, do you own a mix of watersport equipment? From here, you can choose between:

  • 8 Place Storage Rack: Perfect for storing up to eight kayaks and canoes.
  • 6 Place Storage Rack: This rack is great for storing up to six kayaks, canoes, paddleboards or a mix of all three.
  • 4 Place Storage Rack: Our quad racks are perfect for small groups that want to store their kayaks, canoes or paddleboards together.
  • 2 Place Storage Rack: With two slots in the front, you can store a combination of equipment or two of the same.
  • 2 Place Double Sided Rack: This two-sided rack offers a slot on both sides for lower to the ground access for kayaks, canoes, small boats and
  • 2 Place Mountable Rack: This rack is mountable, allowing you to store your equipment on a wall of your choice.

Once you decide on a configuration, decide on which finish you would like for your rack including unfinished, finished with one coat of natural stain or finished with one coat of canyon brown stain. From here, you’re ready to place your first order.

Ordering Your Kayak Rack Online

To order your kayak online, our online store makes it easy. Simply click Shop Online to see the vast selection of configurations and options. Find a configuration that fits your needs, choose your finish and add your rack to the cart. Don’t forget to purchase ground screw anchor kits to keep your rack secure.

Once you’re ready to check-out, continue through the purchasing process and pay via credit card or PayPal. You can expect your rack to ship within one week of your purchase.

Reach Out to Log Kayak Rack Today

Need help ordering the right custom storage rack for your space? Send us a message today!