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Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack


At Log Kayak Rack, our Manitowish Waters, MN kayak rack builders specialize in creating custom, freestanding kayak storage racks for each of our customers all over the country, so if you’ve been looking for a durable freestanding solution to storing your kayak, you’ve found the right kayak rack company! With a heavy-duty, freestanding wood kayak rack, you can keep your kayaks organized and slightly on your property without having to invest in a poorly designed but attractive kayak rack or a well-designed, ugly kayak rack. With Log Kayak Rack, you get the best of both worlds with a durable and beautiful wood kayak rack that will accent your property and give your kayaks, canoes, and even paddle boards and surf boards a place of pride on your wooden kayak rack.

Custom Wood Freestanding Kayak Rack

If you’re wondering whether a free standing kayak rack from Log Kayak Rack can hold all of your kayaks, canoes, and aquatic boards, stop wondering! One of the benefits of a custom kayak storage rack company is that we can build you exactly that; a custom kayak storage rack! With a custom built freestanding kayak rack, you can hold as many boats as you need between one and eight boats and boards, ensuring that, no matter the size of your boating collection, boating business, or boating family, you have the right solution for storing your kayaks.

Boat Freestanding Kayak Rack

  • With a 1 boat freestanding kayak rack, kayak storage couldn’t be easier! Just set it down and lock it in!
  • Boat Double-Sided Kayak Rack – A 2 boat double-sided kayak storage rack is perfect for anyone looking for a two-person kayak rack or a free standing kayak rack that fits a canoe and kayak!
  • 2 Boat Single-Sided Kayak Storage Rack. If you want a different design from the double-sided 2 boat kayak rack, you can also choose a one-sided 2 boat free standing kayak racks that allow you to store two boats on one side.
  • 4 Boat Kayak Rack – With a 4 boat free standing kayak rack, holding two boats on each side, you or your family can have just the right sized free standing kayak rack for your boating needs.
  • 6 Boat Kayak Storage Rack – If you have a larger collection of kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards, a 6 boat free standing kayak rack may be what you need to keep your boats organized and presentable with three boats on each side.
  • 8 Boat Kayak Rack – Our 8 boat free standing kayak rack is perfect for avid boaters with vast kayak, canoe, and paddle board collections, families of boaters, and boat rental or boat sale companies, holding four kayaks on each side.

If you’re interested in a free standing kayak storage rack from Log Kayak Racks, contact our Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin kayak rack builders at (715) 543-2006 or, and decide which size storage rack is right for you and your boats.