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Things to Consider Before you Purchase a Kayak


When searching for a kayak, there are so many options to consider but what is ultimately the most important part is you. You are purchasing your kayak for the simple pleasure it can bring you. But when you enter a kayak retail store or search on the internet for a kayak to do that, the results are anything but simple. They come up in mass amounts, with every color, every accessory and loads of different shapes. Log Kayak Rack sees the beauty in simplicity. That is why we would like to help guide you in the right direction when purchasing a kayak.

Basic Kayak Designs

To keep it simple, there are two different kayak designs: Sit In & Sit On. Below are some pros of the two kayak styles.

  • Sit In Kayaks – These kayaks have a cockpit that you slip into. This option great for those looking to stay dry and more protected, as the lower half your body is protected from the water, wind and sun. Sit in kayaks range in price and material, they can start at a little below $200 and reach well over $1000.
  • Sit On Kayaks – Do you love the water? Want to easily get in and out of your kayak and have extra stability in the water? Then a Sit On Kayak is a great choice. These kayaks allow you the flexibility to hop in and out of the water and they are self-draining so you won’t be sitting in a layer of water.
  • Inflatable Kayaks – These kayaks are the easiest to transport and offer great stability on the water.

Kayak Budget & Usage

Selecting a kayak also has a big deal to do with your personal budget and usage. With new kayaks, just like most everything, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for an affordable kayak to test the waters a little, you can’t really go wrong when you buy new. The exception, however, is if you intend to practically live in your kayak or you’re looking for extreme thrills. If you find yourself on the waters more than not, investing in a quality kayak will definitely not be a waste.

Kayak Boat Purchasing Tips:

  • Shape – The wider kayaks offer more stability, while the narrow kayaks offer more speed.
  • Weight – It may surprise you how much you actually have to lift your kayak, so be sure it’s too heavy for you.
  • Cockpit Size – Kayaks have different cockpit sizes, be sure that is you purchase a sit in kayak that your cockpit is suitable for what you want to do.

Storage, Transportation & Space

Let’s fast forward…You are now a proud new owner of a kayak! But now what? Do you have what you need to bring it home? Or did you already think about that and have it delivered? But what about your first outing? How will it get from your home to the water?It is important that you have the ability to take it to and from so that it will actually get used.

And when not in the water, where are you going to put this decent sized investment? If you replied by answering Purchasing a Quality Log Kayak Rack hand made with Northern White Cedar and an extreme amount of passion then you’re already a Pro at storing your Kayak! If not, be sure to check out Kayak Storage Racks to ensure your shiny new kayak doesn’t twist and warp before you even take your first ride.

Happy Kayak Shopping!