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Waterside Boat Storage Options


Hello boating season! That’s right, it’s the best time of year. The sun is shining and everyone is getting their boats out of storage and ready for the season. So many people this time of year grab their kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards and start dusting them off. They notice breakdown and even rotting in areas where it shouldn’t be. This is likely due to improper storage. When you own any type of small boat, you should protect it! Investing in something that can safely store your small boats is a priceless item. This is why Log Kayak Rack offers waterside boat storage options of all shapes and sizes.

Waterside Storage Options

Waterside can mean a lot of different things depending on what you need. If you are looking for something to remain right beside your body of water, like in a yard for instance, your best option would be our stand alone racks. These racks come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. These racks can accommodate a single boat or up to 8 small boats, depending on what you want and need. We also offer a dock mount for those looking to really be right at the water’s edge. If you’ve got a dock, make things simple and use one of our dock mounts to safely and efficiently store your small boat right on the waterside. We offer 2, 3, slot kayak and SUP rack dock mounts that will likely be heavily utilized during boating season.

The Ease of the Waterside

So why choose a waterside storage option versus dragging it up to the garage (keyword: dragging). Obviously, having a waterside storage option makes life a lot easier. There’s no real heavy lifting and no one is damaging your small boats by dragging them across the ground. Sometimes ease of access goes a long way. Additionally, our racks are specifically designed to keep your small boats nice and dry, preventing rot and damage that other storage places may cause. Of course, having your boats right where you want them when you are ready to get out on the water never hurts either. Boats were made to be played with! Having them right by the water’s edge may cut your prep time for getting out on the water in half.

If you are looking for a waterside boat storage option, look no further than Log Kayak Rack. We offer quality racks, made in the USA that will last for many years. Not only are they sturdy and durable, they are an attractive piece that will catch the attention of all of your guests. For more information about waterside boat storage, give Log Kayak Rack a call today at 1(715) 543-2006 or send us an email at