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Understanding the Many Design Options for Your Kayak Rack


When you buy a new kayak, you will want to protect your investment with the right type of storage unit. Selecting the right design can be challenging, because of the many options available for kayak rack designs. Here are some of the design decisions you will need to make.

Kayak Rack Material

Kayak storage units come in a variety of materials that include, wood, metal, nylon and other industrial-strength fabrics, and PVC. Selecting the best material for your kayak rack depends on several factors, including whether you will be storing your kayak inside or outside, how many kayaks you will be storing, how much room you have for storage and, of course, your budget.

At Log Storage Rack, we believe that wood is best for most situations. We usually chose Northern white cedar or other wood that can stand up to a variety of conditions. This outstanding weather-resistant wood is our first choice for both our custom racks and our stock kayak racks.

Kayak Rack Size

The size of your kayak rack depends on how many kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards you need to store or intend to buy in the future. Kayak racks are usually built to hold, two, four, six or eight watercraft. The size is also a factor of whether the rack is free standing or will be mounted on a wall or dock.

The Shape of Your Kayak Rack

The shape of your kayak rack is an integral part of the design. Will it be an A-frame or tree rack?

Some considerations include whether you will be storing your kayaks inside or outside and whether you will need to cover the rack during the winter. Will you want a roof included with the kayak storage rack?

The shape is also a function of whether the rack will be freestanding or attached to a wall or other upright structure.  Another storage option is a J-cradle, a simple shape that allows you to hang a kayak or canoe on a wall.

The Kayak Rack’s Finish

Part of determining the material to be used to build a kayak storage rack is deciding how you want it finished.

  • Do you want a rustic look? If so, then wood, such as the Northern white cedar used at Log Kayak Rack, would be a great choice. You can either stain and finish it or leave it to weather naturally.
  • Metal can be panted, although most people prefer to leave it unpainted, as once you paint, it will need repainting at some point!
  • PVC is usually white, although you can find colored PVC.

The main consideration with finishes for your kayak storage rack is maintenance: How often will you need to refresh the finish?

Rack Movability

Some kayak racks come with wheels for more flexibility in location. A wheeled rack works best with smaller racks.

Need Help With Your Kayak Rack Design? Call Log Kayak Rack.

Want help in selecting the perfect kayak storage rack for your needs? Talk with us about design options for kayak storage. Call Log Kayak Rack at 715-543-2006or contact us online.