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Wall Mounted Kayak Rack

Kayak Rack Onsite Storage

Are you an avid boater? Do you just enjoy the odd kayak adventure now and again? Do you ever feel like storing your kayak and other paddle boats and boards is a hassle? With Log Kayak Rack, you can make

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Reliable Kayak Storage Systems

If you enjoy spending your free time in a kayak, you must go through the proper protocol to keep your kayak protected when it is not in use. Kayaks are not cheap, so that should be even more incentive to

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Boat Rack NY

Boating in New York can be a rewarding experience for locals and tourists alike. Kayaking around Seneca Falls and canoeing in the Finger Lakes means great views year-round with amazing wildlife all around you. For the avid boater, finding rivers

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Kayak Rack Key West, FL

Have you ever walked out from an outdoor sports store with an impromptu kayak purchase? Have you ever gotten that impulse buy home and wondered where on earth you’re going to store your new boat? Sure, it could be strapped

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Wooden Racks to Store Small Boats

If you’re racking up the number of small boats and boards you own, you should be racking up your storage system as well. Whether you have one, two, or eight small boats or boards, Log Kayak Rack builds custom, hand-built wooden

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Kayak Rack that holds 6

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that has a certain affinity for spending time out on the water in your kayak or canoe? Well, Log Kayak Rack has a team of kayak storage rack builders that share that same love for

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Weatherproof Kayak Storage System

If you are looking for weatherproof kayak storage that you can leave outdoors for years without ever having to maintain it, you will really appreciate the convenience and reliability of Log Kayak Rack’s Weatherproof Cedar Kayak Storage Racks. Cedar Kayak Storage

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Wall Kayak Rack

Spring is here and there is nothing more fun than getting back outdoors, back out on the water in your kayak. For most kayakers, it is a true passion and the popularity of this incredible sport is definitely on the

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