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Kayak Rack Key West, FL


Have you ever walked out from an outdoor sports store with an impromptu kayak purchase? Have you ever gotten that impulse buy home and wondered where on earth you’re going to store your new boat? Sure, it could be strapped to your dock, or you could mount it on your living room wall, but that’s more of a hassle when you’re ready to take it out on the water. Our boat rack builders at Log Kayak Rack understand what it’s like to get home from a boating excursion and have no desire to go through the motions to wash and store your boats. Maybe instead of hauling your boat down from the wall or leaving it on your dock, it’s time to invest in a boat storage system that will accommodate the most avid Key West, Florida, kayakers.

Oversized Kayak and Canoe Boat Racks

If you’ve gotten past the standard-sized kayaks and have broken into the world of over-sized kayaks, your storage options have probably become even fewer than before. Leaving an oversized kayak on your dock isn’t always an option, depending on its size, and storing your kayak on your wall or in your garage is almost a laughable notion. Rather than suffering through trying to store a kayak that simply isn’t meant to be stored in standard boat storage spaces, look to the custom wooden boat racks at Log Kayak Rack. Specializing in creating hand-crafted boat racks that are perfect for every boater’s individual needs, we build boat racks perfect for oversized kayaks and canoes in addition to standard-sized row boats, paddle boats, stand up paddle boards, and surf boards.

Simplify Kayak Storage with a Functional Boat Rack

No matter how many kayaks you’ve managed to rack up in your home, Log Kayak Rack can provide a functional and affordable boat storage option that won’t leave your home or your dock looking overcrowded. Gone are the days of lugging your kayak down from your dock to go for a paddle into the ocean, only to get home and have to deal with the impossible task of storing your kayak without leaving it covered in sand. Stop hosing off your kayak on the beach or on your sandy dock, invest in a boat rack that will let you wash, store, and lock your kayak, all in the same place.

Durable Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing Kayak Racks

If you’re one of the many kayakers in Key West, Florida, and you’re looking for a kayak storage solution that makes sense for your home, look to Log Kayak Rack. Our weather resistant boat racks are perfect for the weather in the Florida Keys, and whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted rack or a free-standing kayak rack for your kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, or surf boards, we’ve got you covered. Our durable kayak racks provide a functional boat storage alternative to your crowded dock, helping you get the most out of your kayaks and your space. Call us at 715-543-2006, or email to find out just how right our kayak racks are for you.