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Kayak Rack that holds 6


Are you an outdoor enthusiast that has a certain affinity for spending time out on the water in your kayak or canoe? Well, Log Kayak Rack has a team of kayak storage rack builders that share that same love for the outdoors and for kayaks in general. We look at it as our job to ensure that you’re able to store your kayaks out of the way from damage from the environment and from improper storage. One of our most popular kayak storage racks is our 6 place kayak rack which allows our customers to store up to 6 kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards with ease in our convenient storage system.

High Quality Construction

When we entered the kayak rack business we saw that there were very few options for a sturdy, yet visually appealing storage system that would stand up to the tests of time. Our 6 place kayak rack features a variety of high-quality features that seem to be a hit with our growing list of customers:

  • Storage racks made using high quality Northern White Cedar Logs
  • Racks can be used both inside or outside
  • The cedar wood that we use is naturally weather resistant
  • Due to our top-notch construction, our kayak racks can support the heaviest kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards
  • Customers can purchase our racks finished in a variety of stain options or unfinished.
  • Made in Wisconsin
  • All of our racks are easy to assemble allowing you to put your storage rack to use soon after you receive it.
  • We offer free shipping to customers located in the contiguous United States.

Other Kayak Rack Options

While our 6 place kayak rack is one of our top sellers, we do offer a wide variety of other storage rack options including:

  • 2 Place Wall Mount Unit
  • 2 Place Single Sided
  • 2 Place Double Sided
  • 4 Place Kayak Rack
  • 8 Place Kayak Rack

Don’t See What You Want? No Worries!

While we offer a variety of off the shelf storage options, we also offer the ability to work with our design team to create a custom kayak storage rack to meet your exact needs. Whether you have extra long kayaks or need to create a kayak storage rack to be placed in a unique area, we’re ready to tackle your biggest challenge. Simply contact our design team by calling (715) 543-2006 or emailing us at and we’ll be glad to discuss your custom storage rack needs.