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Wooden Racks to Store Small Boats


If you’re racking up the number of small boats and boards you own, you should be racking up your storage system as well. Whether you have one, two, or eight small boats or boards, Log Kayak Rack builds custom, hand-built wooden boat racks made to suit your specific needs. Based out of Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, we’re used to being around large and small bodies of water, and we’ve come to know how best to take care of our boats and boards – by investing in a high-quality boat rack. Once we realized how important it was to have a secure and functional boat rack to store our row boats, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, and paddle boards, we knew that we weren’t alone; every avid boater, or even just a casual boater, needs a boat rack to ensure their boats and boards last as long as possible and remain in the best condition.

Hand-Crafted Wooden Boat Racks Built to Last

From start to finish, we ensure that our boat racks are sturdy and long-lasting, using Northern White Cedar wood to construct them, a wood that is rated best for weather resistance. With this promise alone, you can ensure that a wooden rack from Log Kayak Rack will last you for years without succumbing to the weather, as other woods would. Every rack we build is glued, bolted, and screwed together using galvanized screws to ensure that no matter how many boats you’re planning to store, you won’t run into any weight restrictions. In fact, each rack, depending on the size, can hold anywhere from 100 to 150 lbs. So whether you’re a once-a-day boater or a twice-a-month adventurer, if you’ve got boats, we’ve got the boat racks.

Custom Wood Racks for Small Boats & Boards

Because our custom wooden boat racks can hold canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surf boards, and any other paddle and row boats, they’re perfect for everyone who loves spending time on the water but needs a way to bring their hobby home. With wall-mounted boat racks or free standing boat racks, the versatility of your boat rack is really up to you and your boat storage needs. Wall-mounted racks can hold up to two boats or boards, and even if you invest in a free-standing boat rack for a larger number of boats and boards, your boat rack can be bolted down to anchor it to a dock or the ground, making it even safer for your boats.

Wooden Boat Racks for Easy Storage

If you’ve ever been out for a long paddle down the river or a long journey across a lake, you know how tiring it is to finally make it home and have to hose off and store your boats and boards. With our Log Kayak Rack’s wooden boat storage racks, we make the hose-down easier, allowing you to rinse your canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and surf boards with ease and without having to lug them back to the garage. Call today at 715-543-2006, or email to find out more about our custom wooden boat racks.