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Paddle Board Storage Rack Ideas

Log Paddle Board Storage RackWe may sound as if we only make racks for kayaks, but in fact we custom build racks for a variety of water-sports including paddle boards! Using Northern White Cedar, we use the best lumber that is durable, beautiful and weather resistant, to provide you with the best racks in the business.

With more than 24 years woodworking experience, owner Kurt has decided to share his gift nationwide by building kayak, canoe and stand up paddle board racks. Kurt has built log homes and log furnishings and has the craft perfected. His love for water and the outdoors provoked him to shift his energy to share with everyone his love. When you choose to order from Log Kayak Rack you will receive only the best. Our dedication to our business allows us to give our customers a one year warranty.
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Paddle Board Rack

Paddle Board RackWhat do you do with your paddle board when it’s not in use? Do you store it properly or do you leave it wet on the bare ground? If you’re not careful, mother nature can take a toll on your paddle board. These water toys are an expensive investment, so as a paddle board owner it is important to store this item properly when it’s not in use. The trouble for many people is that they don’t know how to store a large item like a paddle board. The good news is that our dedicated team at Log Kayak Rack offers paddle board rack storage systems designed specifically to protect your paddle board when it’s not in use.Continue Reading →

Easy Boat Storage

Small Boat Storage OptionsFor many small boat owners, the excuse for not properly storing their kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP) is because it’s usually not an easy process. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to properly store your small boat. Well, if our team at Log Kayak Rack was to tell you that we have a boat storage option that is incredibly easy to use, would you reconsider the way you store your boat? It’s never too late to start taking better care of your small boat, and our team is eager to help!

Paddle Board Storage

Paddle Board Storage RackIf you are lucky enough to live, or even spend significant time in the beautiful state of Florida, you likely have a passion for sunshine, beaches and, of course, the water. Paddle boards are an extremely popular pastime in the state and for good reason. You can literally enjoy being out on the water nearly all twelve months of the year, and a paddle board allows you to get exercise, improve your balance and have fun with friends in the beautiful ocean surf or even one of the area’s gorgeous lakes. But, when night falls and you need to pull your paddle board out of the water, you need to have a safe and sturdy area to store your beloved boat(s). Log Kayak Rack makes paddle board storage racks perfect for those living in Florida or anywhere near the water!

SUP Storage South Carolina

SUP Storage South CarolinaOne of the most unfortunate aspects of stand up paddle boarding is calling it quits for the day when you’re exhausted and ready rest, only to realize you’ll have to carry your board to hose it off, maybe wait for it to dry, and then put it away for the night. When you’re thinking of paddle boarding, whether you mean to or not, you probably think about whether it’s worth it to drag your paddle board down from its rack only to have to go through the motions of storing it again when you’re finished. We understand, and that’s why Log Kayak Rack has made boat and board storage racks that accommodate stand up paddle boards perfectly. So don’t let your inconvenient storage stop you from hitting Myrtle Beach or paddling through waves in the South Carolina Ocean; let Log Kayak Rack help you make SUP cleaning and storage easier with our wooden stand up paddle board racks, custom made to meet your needs. Continue Reading →

Paddle Board Storage Rack NC

Paddle Board Storage Rack NCWhether you’re paddle boarding with your best canine pal while exploring the Haw River of North Carolina, or seeking your zen with stand up paddleboard yoga in Asheville, congratulations on having discovered the excitement and fun that surrounds exploring and exercising with paddle boards in North Carolina! Now that you’ve got the paddle boarding bug, and have bought the perfect paddle board for you, let’s talk about paddle board storage racks in NC. Continue Reading →