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Paddle Board Care

Paddle Board Storage Rack Ideas

We may sound as if we only make racks for kayaks, but in fact we custom build racks for a variety of water-sports including paddle boards! Using Northern White Cedar, we use the best lumber that is durable, beautiful and

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Paddle Board Rack

What do you do with your paddle board when it’s not in use? Do you store it properly or do you leave it wet on the bare ground? If you’re not careful, mother nature can take a toll on your

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Easy Boat Storage

For many small boat owners, the excuse for not properly storing their kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP) is because it’s usually not an easy process. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is

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Paddle Board Storage

If you are lucky enough to live, or even spend significant time in the beautiful state of Florida, you likely have a passion for sunshine, beaches and, of course, the water. Paddle boards are an extremely popular pastime in the

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SUP Storage South Carolina

One of the most unfortunate aspects of stand up paddle boarding is calling it quits for the day when you’re exhausted and ready rest, only to realize you’ll have to carry your board to hose it off, maybe wait for

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Paddle Board Storage Rack NC

Whether you’re paddle boarding with your best canine pal while exploring the Haw River of North Carolina, or seeking your zen with stand up paddleboard yoga in Asheville, congratulations on having discovered the excitement and fun that surrounds exploring and

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Paddle Board Storage Racks

So what do we think fellow lake and ocean lovers? Are paddle boards really all the rage? Do they stand up to all of their hype? If you know anyone that actually owns a paddle board, they are going to

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How to Care for your SUP

A Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a wonderful investment in fun and fitness. You are surely in for countless hours of fun in the sun. Whether you plan to use your board strictly for fun or as a great form or

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