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How to Care for your SUP


A Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a wonderful investment in fun and fitness. You are surely in for countless hours of fun in the sun. Whether you plan to use your board strictly for fun or as a great form or exercise it is extremely important that you care for it properly. The Golden Rules of Paddleboard Care include a proper paddle board storage rack that keeps it stored safely out of direct sunlight and away from water. An ingenious Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Option comes from the artisans at Log Kayak Rack. Each handcrafted unit provides an excellent storage rack for an SUP as well as all of your gear.

Golden Rules of Paddle Board Care and Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance your paddle board can be enjoyed for many years. Proper storage is the key to preventing damage from sun exposure, wind or water. When not in use, your SUP should be kept ideally in a climate controlled area away from direct sunlight. An Indoor Storage Rack for SUP is a great way to not only keep it protected but also to have it proudly on display. Why not choose a beautiful and durable model from Log Kayak Rack?

The following are rules of Paddleboard Care and Maintenance

  1. Keep your SUP stored securely away from direct sunlight, wind and water
  2. When not in use, keep your SUP in a shaded area or stored inside on a Paddle Board Storage Rack
  3. Never leave your board inside of bubble wrap as it can generate excessive heat and cause damage
  4. Leave the vent plug installed tightly
  5. Examine the vent plug occasionally to make sure the seal remains tight and free from debris
  6. Remove the fins and clean them after extended usage
  7. Secure the fins tightly to avoid damage to the foam core or fin box
  8. Repair any cracks or punctures with epoxy resin or take it to a professional for repair

Storage Rack for SUP

Today’s stand-up paddle boards are designed to handle rough surf and bright sunlight on a beautiful, sunny day. However, an SUP is not designed to be stored under these conditions. They should be stored securely away from wind, water or sun. Improper SUP storage can result in damage such as scratches and dings that can allow water to penetrate to the inside of your board. A durable, Log Storage Rack for SUP is the ideal solution.

Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack

Log Kayak Rack builds the most beautiful storage solutions for SUPs. Our Handcrafted Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks provide an excellent storage option for either indoor or outdoor use. Your board can be proudly displayed on a storage rack for SUP while being kept safe from the damaging effects of sun, water or wind.

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