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Paddle Board Storage


If you are lucky enough to live, or even spend significant time in the beautiful state of Florida, you likely have a passion for sunshine, beaches and, of course, the water. Paddle boards are an extremely popular pastime in the state and for good reason. You can literally enjoy being out on the water nearly all twelve months of the year, and a paddle board allows you to get exercise, improve your balance and have fun with friends in the beautiful ocean surf or even one of the area’s gorgeous lakes. But, when night falls and you need to pull your paddle board out of the water, you need to have a safe and sturdy area to store your beloved boat(s). Log Kayak Rack makes paddle board storage racks perfect for those living in Florida or anywhere near the water!

Protect Your Paddle Boards This Season

Log Kayak Rack designs and builds beautiful storage racks to hold anywhere between 2 and 8 paddle boards. Our team is also happy to also build a custom storage rack if you have unique specifications or needs. All storage racks are handcrafted and made from Northern White Cedar wood which is durable enough to be used outdoors for 20 or more years, and beautiful enough to be kept indoors, depending on your preference. These storage racks are a great way to protect your paddle boards when they are not in use, keep them high and dry and intact so that when you are ready to hit the beach (or the lake), your board will be ready. These storage racks are made here in the USA and are easy to assemble.

Paddle Board Storage Racks

If you love to paddle board, you know that your sport requires very little equipment — your paddle board is your major investment. Protecting it from the elements, from being dragged around, left to be tripped on is likely important to you. A storage rack can solve this issue once and for all, giving you the perfect place to store your boards and extending their life. Prices for these storage racks are affordable and Log Kayak Rack offers free shipping on all orders! So if you live in the Florida area, anywhere from Miami to Daytona Beach to Cape Canaveral, consider partnering Log Kayak Rack to build you a storage rack for your beloved paddle boards. Call our team at (.715) 543-2006 for more information.