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Paddle Board Storage Racks


So what do we think fellow lake and ocean lovers? Are paddle boards really all the rage? Do they stand up to all of their hype? If you know anyone that actually owns a paddle board, they are going to say yes! Paddle boards are awesome! They provide a whole new perspective out on the water, anyone can do it, and they’re great for keeping users fit! What’s really not to love about a paddle board? If you are a paddle board hater, you might as well stop reading now! At Log Kayak Rack, we’ve got nothing but love for our fellow SUPers!

Protecting Your Board

When you think about it, paddle boards are pretty simplistic. While there is not a lot to them, if they become damaged, you can say bye-bye to enjoying that beautiful view above the surf and hello to the shore..because that’s where you’ll be..on the shore…without a paddle. Your board needs protection. While the water is always where we want to be, it’s definitely no place to let your paddleboard fly solo. When you are done using your SUP, or just want to take a break, don’t just toss it on the side of the shore, this is where the most damage can occur! Let us help you protect your paddle board. Log Kayak Rack now offers paddle board storage racks. Store 2-8 paddle boards with our beautiful racks and keep them in perfect shape so that they are ready to go out on the water when you are.

Paddle Board Storage Systems

We make our racks out of quality cedar logs that offer extreme strength and a beautiful appearance. Our racks can hold anywhere from 2 to 8 paddle boards but if you are looking for something more specific, we will be happy to custom create a specific design that works best for you. Cracks, dings, and other types of damages generally happen as a result of improper storage. Storing your paddle board on a rack instead of a nasty garage or on the ground outside will increase its longevity and make you a very proud paddle board owner. Our racks can be for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be mounted on a wall or you can choose from two different free standing styles. Match your rack to your home, fence line, or dock with a perfect finish.

Quality is all in the detail. Log Kayak Rack gives your paddle boards the perfect place to dry off at the end of the day, or season for that matter. It is the perfect solution to an ongoing problem for anyone with water toys like paddle boards, kayaks, or canoes. If you are an avid paddle board lover, choose to take care of your boards and store them properly. Call and order your rack today at (715) 543-2006 or email us at