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SUP Storage South Carolina


One of the most unfortunate aspects of stand up paddle boarding is calling it quits for the day when you’re exhausted and ready rest, only to realize you’ll have to carry your board to hose it off, maybe wait for it to dry, and then put it away for the night. When you’re thinking of paddle boarding, whether you mean to or not, you probably think about whether it’s worth it to drag your paddle board down from its rack only to have to go through the motions of storing it again when you’re finished. We understand, and that’s why Log Kayak Rack has made boat and board storage racks that accommodate stand up paddle boards perfectly. So don’t let your inconvenient storage stop you from hitting Myrtle Beach or paddling through waves in the South Carolina Ocean; let Log Kayak Rack help you make SUP cleaning and storage easier with our wooden stand up paddle board racks, custom made to meet your needs.

Quick and Easy Stand Up Paddle Board Storage System

With our Wooden SUP racks, storing your paddle boards is quick and painless, and with our free standing SUP storage systems, you’ll only need to lift your board once when you’re finished paddling for the day. You’ll be able to leave the water to bring your board home, place your board on the rack, hose it down, and leave it for the night. No more carrying your board to a sand-free spot, hosing it down, waiting for it to dry, and bringing it inside to leave in your garage. Even if you opt for a wall-mounted SUP rack, you’ll find that hanging your stand up paddle boards on your wall makes the experience so much more enjoyable, letting you see your board all day, waiting for your next adventure on the SC seas. Our SUP storage racks will also help you keep your boats and boards neatly organized, keeping your garage, shed, yard, and floors clear while your boats and boards stay locked up on your wooden racks outside or mounted on the wall.

SC Custom Made Paddle Board Racks for Every Need

Because the stand up paddle board racks from Log Kayak Rack can be used for any small row and paddle boat, paddle boards, and surf boards, they’re perfect for South Carolina water enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying your hand at kayaking around the South Carolina islands, surfing at Folly Beach or Garden City, or paddling out at Surfside Beach; we have exactly the right storage solution for whatever water sports you’re trying out, and with custom designed boat and board storage racks, there’s nowhere to find a better SUP storage solution than Log Kayak Rack. With one- to two-board wall-mounted racks or one- to eight-board free standing stand up paddle board racks, the possibilities for easy storage are unparalleled, especially if you’re interested in trying out more water sports than just paddle boarding and need extra storage on a whim. To make your days spent on the SC oceans a little easier when you get home, call us at 715-543-2006, or send an email to