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Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable

(25 customer reviews)

From: $92.40

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  • Use 2 @ 15” anchors for tight-packed earth
  • Use 2 @ 30” anchors for loose sand
  • Requires a small socket set or wrench to tighten cable clamps
  • This kit helps hold the rack to the ground in high wind locations and for security.
  • Kit includes: 2 @ ½ x 15″ or ½ x 30” screw anchor, 2 @  40” long plastic-coated cable, 4 @ ¼ Cable clamps

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Kayak Rack Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable Installation Details

  1. Insert the sharp tip of a spiral ring anchor into the dirt near the bottom under the center cross rail. Place one on each side of the center cross rail on the rack.
  2. Twist the anchor by hand so that it spirals into the soil. Use a metal bar or something strong that fits in the top ring of the anchor to turn in the ground. Stop when the spiraled section is completely hidden underground and only the ring on top of the anchor is visible.
  3. Run the cable through the ring at the top of the anchor, then pass this same line over and around the center cross rail on the kayak rack.
  4. Secure the cable using cable clamps provided. Tighten straps to keep the rack tight to the anchors in the ground.
  5. This method can be completed by using a kit purchased from This method can be used to protect the rack from being stolen or from strong winds.

25 reviews for Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable

  1. Jerome Rakel (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to install

  2. Karen L. (Verified Rack Owner)


  3. D. William O’Brien (Verified Rack Owner)

    Equipment received as expected.

  4. Dan (Verified Rack Owner)


  5. Ian Cowan (Verified Rack Owner)

    Does the trick

  6. Anonymous (Verified Rack Owner)

    Great but Too soon to know if can withstand heavy winds

  7. Anonymous (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to put in but too soon to see if they withstand strong winds

  8. LISA (Verified Rack Owner)

    Not used yet

  9. Kent Ritchey (Verified Rack Owner)


  10. Brad B. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Worked great!

  11. Sheila Clark (Verified Rack Owner)

    We received with a missing bolt

  12. jay (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to install, too soon to judge function. That will be seen when fall and winter wind storms happen.

  13. Ross Martin (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to use

  14. Myra (Verified Rack Owner)

    Thankful to have this as we incur wind storms and this secures our rack isn’t going anywhere!

  15. Anonymous (Verified Rack Owner)

    Not in stalled yet

  16. Francis (Verified Rack Owner)

    Well made and I think necessary to secure the Rack

  17. Brian T. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Anchor works perfectly, hope it won’t ever be needed, rack is hidden behind lake bunkie, protected from winds.

    Image #1 from Brian T.
  18. john p arrabit (Verified Rack Owner)

    Again, easy assembly. So far product performing as expected.

  19. Thomas (Verified Rack Owner)

    Once screwed into the ground fully, it appears to secure the rack well.

  20. Robert Lingeman (Verified Rack Owner)

    Had my kayak rack flip when a major Nor’easter passed through last month. I purchased two ground screw anchor kits to prevent this from happening again when the next storm passes through. I am confident these will do the job.

  21. Lisa N. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Works well for extra security in stormy conditions.

  22. THOMAS G. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Works well

  23. David M. (Verified Rack Owner)

    The screw is designed well, but doesn’t really work in our soil which is kind of sandy.

    • Kurt Kinnunen (store manager)

      Thank you for your honest feedback, we will add the option of purchasing a larger screw kit in the future because of your help!

  24. Allen (Verified Rack Owner)

    Simple to adjust and use as needed

  25. Brian (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to install

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