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Lariat Security Cables Kit

Lariat Security Cables Kit

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  • 2 – 10’ x 5/16″ plastic coated Lariat cables per kit.
  • Security for any type of craft; Pad-lock not included.
  • Lariats slip over each end of boat & locked near center.
  • Can be secured to log kayak rack or something else.
  • One kit secures one kayak, canoe, or sup etc.

Log Kayak Rack Lariat Security Cables Kit Details

Place cable loops approx. 2ft from the end of your kayak or canoe. Slide should be on the same side of your kayak or canoe as log kayak rack, or other object it is to be secured to. Adjust slide to tighten loop around your kayak or canoe. Excess cable should be wrapped around rails to eliminated slack prior to attaching lock.

1 review for Lariat Security Cables Kit

  1. Doug M. (Verified Rack Owner)

    High Quantity

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