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BEST SELLER: 6 Place Kayak / Canoe Rack – Double Sided

(35 customer reviews)

From: $951.99

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  • Heavy duty holds 6 kayaks, canoes or sups
  • Each boat can be up to 100 pounds
  • Made of 100% northern white cedar logs with mortise and tenon joinery
  • Made in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsion, USA
  • 74″H x 84″D x 77″W Assembly required

Our Racks have 207 Five Star Reviews

6 Place Kayak Rack Details

The 6 Place Kayak Rack is constructed from Northern White cedar which is rated best for weather resistant. Each rack has 4 5/8 inch post and feet and 3 in rails. Each rack is glued, bolted, and screwed with galvanized screws. Joinery where arms meet posts are 2 inch mortise and tenon giving full strength. Kayak Rack comes disassembled, but is very simple to put together with the torque-bit found in assembly kit and a cordless drill or the like.

Use a stain or outdoor finish in the color of your choice and follow the instructions on the can. Breathable finishes will extend the life of the rack the most. It is best to let the wood age a bit prior to finishing it. This helps the stain to soak in. You can also choose to leave it unfinished. In this case, it will weather to a gray color and still last for many years.

Easy to lift kayak or canoe in and out. Locking kayak is easy with a cable lock from local kayak store. Durable kayak storage racks, can carry the heaviest of canoes, kayaks, and boat loads! Soft rest UV webbing available and tie down safety straps available now.

Our Kayak Racks can be bolted to dock or such or kit can be bought for anchoring to the ground. We can install strapping to prevent any wind blowing the kayak off (this would be a rare occurrence).

For extra-long kayaks, canoes, or boats we can lengthen cross rails to accommodate. We can customize any rack for your row boat, paddle boat, etc. Several boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats can fit together on the racks. Custom racks can be cemented into the ground or bolted to a platform.

Call for information as to which designs would work best for your assortment.

How will the Kayak Rack arrive?

Kayak racks are shipped unassembled and in a box. Log Kayak Racks products are shipped by UPS ground. You can expect your storage rack to arrive around 2 weeks after payment is received, or within the next 2 ½ weeks after placing the order (unless you call for a specific shipping date). They will come with glue, torx bits and fasteners needed to assemble and will go together in approx. 30 – 60 minutes with a common power drill or screw gun. Instructions are included and are available as a video online.

Can my delivery sit outside until I assemble it?

Yes, the Log Kayak Rack is for indoor or outdoor use, so no damage will occur to the product if it sits out until you can assemble it, or get it to the cabin. The only thing is the box and directions may get wet but there are always the downloadable and printable assembly instructions and assembly video on our website.

How do I Preserve the Life of this Kayak Rack?

We want you to enjoy your Log Kayak Rack for years to come. To ensure its longevity, we recommend that the feet are not in direct contact with the ground, but rather raised and set on landscaping block or a similar product.You can order it with a finish (upgrade) or you can finish it yourself. Use a stain or outdoor finish in the color of your choice and follow the instructions on the can. Breathable finishes will extend the life of the rack the most. It is best to let the wood age a bit prior to finishing it. This helps the stain to soak in. You can also choose to leave it unfinished. In this case, it will weather to a gray color and still last for many years.

Can Canoes, Paddle boards, Wake boards, Surf Boards, Small Rafts, Paddle Boats or Other Small Boats up to 100 lbs. fit on these Kayak Racks?

Yes. If you have a specific model in question contact us directly at 1-715-543-2006 and we’ll let you know if the dimension and size of your boat will fit.

Can I secure this Kayak Rack to the Ground?

Yes. You can bolt it to any wood surface with wood screws. There are also kits you can purchase from our online store, use the following instructions to do so using our kit.

  1. Insert the sharp tip of a spiral ring anchor into the dirt near the bottom center of the rack, if you are using one twist anchor. If you are using more than one, evenly space out.
  2. Twist the anchor by hand so that it spirals into the soil. Stop when the spiraled section is completely hidden underground and only the ring on top of the anchor is visible.
  3. Run a chain, cable or straps through the ring at the top of the anchor, then pass this same line over and around the center cross rail on kayak rack.
  4. Secure the cable or chain using a small padlock or combination lock if desired. Tighten straps to keep rack tight to the anchors in the ground.
  5. This method can be completed by using a kit purchased from or purchase your own online or from a store. This method can be used to protect the rack from being stolen or from strong winds.

Is there an Alternative way of Ordering a Kayak Rack without using the Shopping Cart?

Yes, you may call to order or send a check in the mail to Hitch Exclusives 660 US Highway 51 Manitowish Waters, WI 54545

The Kayak/Canoe rack you ordered will be shipped to you unassembled and in a box as shown here. Log Kayak Racks products are shipped by Fed Ex ground. You can expect your storage rack to arrive around 2 weeks after payment is received, or within the next 2 ½ weeks after placing the order (unless you call for a specific shipping date).

Each Ordered Product Includes:

  • Feet, Cross Rails, Legs, Upper and Lower Arms, and Lower Support Posts (all labeled)
  • Instruction Pack
  • 3 Inch GRK Screws
  • 4 Inch GRK Screws
  • Two Tips, Green and Black for Drill or Screw Gun (in the bag with 3 inch screws)
  • Decking Screws
  • Glue

What is Needed but NOT Included for Assembly:

  • Rubber Hammer/Mallet
  • Power Drill or Screw Gun
  • Gloves (optional)

35 reviews for BEST SELLER: 6 Place Kayak / Canoe Rack – Double Sided

  1. Rory Conolly (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to assemble. Looks and works great.

    Image #1 from Rory Conolly
  2. Ronnie Sharpe

    A couple of years ago I purchased the 6 kayak rack. It’s a quality product and always draws compliments. Last week one of the 40 ” brackets broke. I emailed logkayak to find out how to get a replacement bracket. They immediately responded asking for a picture, which I sent, so that they could see what I needed. Again they responded immediately asking for my address and said they would mail it right away. Simple enough! Not only is it a quality product, but it’s quality customer service as well.

  3. Charles Cooke (Verified Rack Owner)

    Looks great, easy to assemble, very solid product!

  4. William Brennan (Verified Rack Owner)

    It is very solid. One person can attach the arms, but you will need a buddy to attach the cross bars and settle it in place. I placed pavers below the footings.

    Image #1 from William Brennan
  5. Gary Roberts (Verified Rack Owner)

    This is a well made rack. It arrived in Maine’s north woods within three days. The instructions are thorough, thoughtfully written, easy to read and follow. Assembling it was easy.

    I would, and will, recommend this setup to anyone who’s looking to get their hulls off of the ground.

  6. Dan (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to assemble. Good quality wood product and hardware

  7. Joshua B. (Verified Rack Owner)

    It was perfect! Delivered super quick, easy to put together, and looks great!

    Image #1 from Joshua B.
    Image #2 from Joshua B.
    Image #3 from Joshua B.
  8. Sheila Clark (Verified Rack Owner)

    Easy to put together and company was great to work with on a shipping issue.

  9. Anonymous (Verified Rack Owner)

    Great quality and price

  10. Myra (Verified Rack Owner)

    Love the rack! It looks great and is easy to put together!!

  11. Eric (Verified Rack Owner)

    A pleasure to deal with. No customs hassles or hidden charges having it shipping to our cottage in Muskoka, ON. Took 2 of us about 3 hours to put it all together and it’s perfect – holds all of our watertoys and looks awesome. Highly recommended.

  12. Fred R. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Looks great !easy to assemble

    Image #1 from Fred R.
    Image #2 from Fred R.
  13. joe celentano (Verified Rack Owner)

    Love the rack!!!

    Image #1 from joe celentano
  14. susan herro (Verified Rack Owner)

    The person who constructed it said that the instructions could’ve been a lot simpler…. but it looks/works great!

  15. David P. (Verified Rack Owner)

    Excellent product. Excellent customer service

  16. Mark Kronenberg (Verified Rack Owner)

    Great directions and great product!!

  17. Sal

    70 year old retiree easily assembled without assistance. Very functional and attractive. “Best looking rack I have ever seen” notable quote. Exceeds expectations. Two years old and looks like new.

    Image #1 from Sal
  18. Deb Fexis

    These are really well built racks, and will last you a good long while. I bought mine in 2013, and it recently got damaged when a freak wind gust knocked the rack over, fully loaded. Unfortunately, I had my grounded pontoon boat tied off to one end of the base of the rack with a taut steel cable, so when the rack went over, one end of the base could not move, while the other end tipped sideways, thus torqueing the whole thing so badly it snapped a support post. Had it not been for that, I am convinced the rack would have survived the toppling…. it was going strong at 8 years old, and probably would have lasted another 10 at least (and I never did anything about treating the wood).
    Also, the company is great to work with; when they heard about my mishap, they offered to sell me a replacement rack at a discount, which is just plain fantastic customer service.

  19. Ray Guidi (Verified Rack Owner)

    Love it!

  20. Robert R. (Verified Rack Owner)

    The rack arrived on schedule and contained all the required hardware. Assembling instructions were clear and was doable with one person, although I’d recommend having a helper. The assembled rack looks great and will fulfill its intended purpose perfectly. One note: if you use the included constructive adhesive on the joints, the rack can not be disassembled once put together. So if you have to move it it will have to be moved in it’s fully assembled form. All in all, I am very happy with the purchase.

    Image #1 from Robert R.
    Image #2 from Robert R.
    Image #3 from Robert R.
    Image #4 from Robert R.
  21. THOMAS G. (Verified Rack Owner)

    We love our kayak/canoe holder. It is so clean and neat appearing. Assembly was straight forward.

  22. Anonymous (Verified Rack Owner)

    I ordered the rack for 6 kayaks. It was expertly packaged and both boxes arrived on the same day. I had all the parts the instructions said I needed. It was a bit overwhelming for me, a 66 year old, but my daughter is good at instructions. She and I put it together. It took about 6 hours total, we worked 4 hours the first day and finished it the next. I bought it to store in a large farm building so I didn’t worry about the completed dimensions. But I should have. It works, but it was close to being too tall. We do not have head room to put kayaks on the top row, but that’s ok because I’ll put the paddle boards up there. Once it’s all together it’s sturdy and great for storing kayaks the correct way. I’m happy with the purchase.

  23. Roger Bissell (Verified Rack Owner)

    Good instructions and easy to assemble. After looking at other racks we are very happy with the quality and look. From placing the order to final assembly all went well.
    I recomend this company and product. Roger

  24. Jill McGahan (Verified Rack Owner)

    Excellent quality! Fast shipping! Amazing product!

  25. James Browne (Verified Rack Owner)

    Great. Love it. A little more than I wanted to spend but happy I did. Fits well on our dock.

  26. Neil DiSpirito (Verified Rack Owner)

    The quality is excellent, the assembly was straightforward and it really looks great!

  27. David (Verified Rack Owner)


  28. Brian (Verified Rack Owner)

    Very sturdy & attactive. Needs two people to assemble.

    Image #1 from Brian
  29. Alfred (Verified Rack Owner)

    great experience

  30. Marco

    I wanted to thank you for the great service and great product!
    We installed the rack last weekend and it is amazing!

  31. Tim

    I’m very happy with your product. Greatest addition to our deck.

  32. North Lakeland Discovery Center

    Great quality product!
    Color: Natural
    Great product that we use at our Nature Center to store Kayaks, Canoes and SUP’s. Great Craftsmanship and durability.

  33. Kelley Dileonardi

    Love my log Kayak rack
    Color: Natural
    Love my log Kayak rack! Bought it for our lake house. It holds 2 Canoes, 2 Kayaks, a Paddle Board and all of the paddles, perfectly displayed and accessible on our shoreline. Easy to use and looks great!

  34. Bill S

    This rack was the perfect choice for our boats at our log cabin
    Color: Unfinished
    This rack was the perfect choice for our boats at our log cabin. Very well made and is supplied with GRK fasteners which are the best in the industry! I’m a custom builder and cabinet maker of 35 years and would recommend this in a heart beat!

  35. Paul

    Excellent Heavy Duty Construction! Paul from cape cod here. Assembly was a breeze… we were building them in less than 1/2 hour! Excellent heavy duty construction. Might need a couple more, now that the non- participants have seen them a now want a spot. Good product, good quality! Thanks!

    Image #1 from Paul
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