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Winter Kayak Storage


Winter is fast approaching and it is time to get your property ready for the dropping temperatures and harsh cold that comes this time of year. If you own a recreational property or a resort property near water that thrives in the warm weather, there is much work to be done as you get your property ready for winter. One of the most important tasks is storing gear in a safe and dry area so that it will be ready for use come spring.

While we are all sad to see summer go, we are also already getting excited about next year! Spring is only a few short (and cold) months away! The best way to ensure you are back out on the water as soon as possible is to have proper storage during these colder months. At Log Kayak Rack, our racks provide excellent winter kayak storage. Ordering your rack now will give you the storage you need for many seasons and many years to come.

Why Winter Storage?

So why not just throw your kayak into the garage and forget about it until next year? Why not just keep it on the ground just far away enough from the shore? If you’ve ever done this before, you know exactly why! Kayaks are not a cheap investment. This investment is generally worth it because it can provide years and years of fun out on the water. However, if you aren’t storing it properly, you may not even get a season. Kayaks are sensitive and require a fair amount of care. If proper storage is neglected over the winter season, you may not have a kayak anymore. Mold, rot, and structural damage are just some of the many things that can happen when your kayak is not properly stored.

Kayak Storage

So what is the proper way to store your kayaks over the winter? At Log Kayak Rack, we specifically design our racks to safely and successfully store for short and long periods of time. The simple design of each rack allows for easy access to your kayaks when you are ready to use them. There are several different sizes and types of racks to choose from. Whether you are storing your kayaks on a dock, inside the garage, or outside next to water, we’ve got a rack for you. Our racks come with 2, 4, 6, and 8 slots or can be customized to accommodate your kayak numbers. All of our racks can be customized to fit your exact needs. This is especially helpful when you have multiple different types of small boats to go along with your kayaks (paddleboards, canoes, etc).

Have you been wondering how best to store your kayaks and small boats this winter? Log Kayak Rack offers many different storage options for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and even bikes.

Log Kayak Rack makes handcrafted storage racks using northern white cedar wood, which is known for being able to maintain it’s beauty and function for 25 years, even when unfinished. Our storage racks are the perfect solution for all of your small boat storage needs. These racks can be easily kept inside or outside depending on your preference.

Here are some additional benefits of Log Kayak Rack’s kayak storage systems:

  • Keeps your boats high and dry, neatly organized, and safe.
  • Can be custom built to meet your property’s specific needs.
  • Can support even the heaviest small boats (even over 100 lbs.).
  • Durably made to last (average storage rack lasts 25 years even if not finished).
  • Racks can be finished to match other wood in the area (fence, trim, gate, etc.).
  • Attractive way to store boats.
  • Maintains the shape of the boat and prevents damage at times when you are not in the water.
  • Helps extend the life of your boat.
  • Easy to assemble with video on website if needed.
  • Made in the USA.

Let Log Kayak Rack Help You Prepare for The Winter Months

Log Kayak Rack makes storage racks for kayaks, canoes and other small boats. Generally, these racks have either 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 10 slots so that you can have the size that best meets your needs. Our team also loves a custom project, so don’t be shy about letting us know what you really need. We will do what we can do build you the storage rack that best fits exactly what you are looking for. So, as you plan for the winter months, give our team a call at 1- (715) 543-2006 and speak to one of our storage rack professionals. Let us help you get ready for winter this year!