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Where to Kayak in Utah

Kayak Lake Powell UT

Home to five national parks, Utah offers a diverse and unique landscape. Filled with stunning lakes, scenic rivers, canyons and more, the state is favorite among canoers and kayakers. Experience millions of years of history and stunning scenery while kayaking Utah.

Best Destinations for Kayaking in Utah

From glass-like lakes to raging rapids, here are some of the best kayaking destinations the state of Utah has to offer.

Lake Powell 

A beautiful place for kayaking, Lake Powell is located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation area. Part of the Colorado River, the lake offers nearly 2,000 miles of stunning shoreline between Utah and Arizona. Kayaking routes down the canyons wind through some of the world’s most stunning natural rock formations, including the Rainbow Bridge and other stunning arches and caves.

Provo River

The Provo River offers a scenic paddle that will take you through canyons, past mountains and eventually through the city of Provo and into Utah Lake. There are two main forks to the river. The northern features mild rapids suitable for most skill levels and the southern has Class III and IV best left to advanced kayakers.  

The Green River

The iconic Green River is a popular kayaking destination with over 730 miles of winding river to explore. It starts in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming and flows through scenic and remote landscapes, stunning rock formations and deep sandstone canyons as it makes its way to Utah. The Green River can be a great place for kayakers of all skill levels; however, some sections can see Class III rapids so do your research before heading out.

Mirror Lake

The calm, reflective waters of Mirror Lake are perfect for kayaking. The lake is high in the Uintas, surrounded by mountains and forests and made even more peaceful by the lack of motorized boats. It’s a great lake for fishing as well with a variety of trout stocked through the summer months.

Red Fleet Reservoir

The 750-acre picturesque reservoir is located in northeastern Utah’s Red Fleet State Park. The flatwater lake offers fantastic scenery with inlets and natural sandstone rock formations to explore. However, the park’s biggest draw is probably the 200-million-year-old dinosaur tracks. You can hike the Dinosaur Trackway on the eastern shore of the lake, or kayak across the reservoir and see the footprints up close.

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