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Top Kayak Destinations in the USA


With summer approaching, many avid kayakers are looking for their next kayak destination. In the United States, there are incredible kayak destinations for any skill level.

Below is the Log Kayak Rack’s roundup the top kayak destinations in the USA. They’re broken up into three sub-groups; sea kayaking, river kayaking, and lake kayaking. All these bodies of water provide a different kayak experience, and there are trips for any skill level.

What’s your next kayak destination?

Top Sea Kayaking in the USA

Prince William Sound – Alaska

Many kayakers have Prince William Sound on their bucket list, and there’s a good reason for that! Paddle through a stunning landscape like no other and see glaciers and wildlife up close.

Skill Level – High

San Juan Island – Washington

Experience the Olympic Mountains at sea level, and maybe you’ll see an ocra whale swim under you. There are several islands to paddle around with some offering more challenging landscapes than others.

Skill Level – Medium

The Outerbanks – North Carolina

This seaside kayaking is perfect for any level kayaker to enjoy. Because the Outerbanks are fairly shallow waters and have some protection from the ocean winds, it’s a great spot for beginners who want to experience paddling in the ocean and seeing marine life.

Skill Level – Low

Top River Kayaking in the USA

Colorado River – Arizona

 Paddle the Colorado River and experience the Grand Canyon in a way like no other. The river is vast and has several different stretches of river that will suit almost any kayak skill level.

Skill Level – Low/Medium/High

Eleven Point National Scenic River – Missouri

This river offers stunning views of forests and wildlife while also providing rapids for the more experienced kayaker. Pick the stretch of river that fits your skills and you’ll experience the beauty up of this landscape.

Skill Level – Low


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness – Minnesota

This protected area inside the Superior National Forest offers calm and pristine kayaking that many kayaks come back to again and again. Experience the peaceful Boundary Waters and enjoy the untouched forests and rivers flowing from Canada to Minnesota.

Skill Level – Low

Top Lake Kayaking in the USA

Lake Tahoe – California

This lake nestled in between California and Nevada is a favorite kayak spot to enjoy pristine waters and a view of the nearby mountains.

Skill Level – Low


Pictured Rocks Lakeshore – Michigan

The spectacular Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a stretch of rock formations Lake Superior carved out over millions of years along its shoreline. Those who kayak this stretch experience a view like no other.

Skill Level – Medium


Isle Royale Sea Kayaking – Michigan

This US park is nestled along the shores of Lake Superior and offers views of lakes, river, and bays that allow kayakers to enjoy the beauty of this untouched area of the country.

Skill Level – Medium

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