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Kayak Storage Racks – Arkansas

Do you have a plethora of kayaks that are just kept on the ground because there isn’t an acceptable place to store them? If this is the case, then there’s a pretty good chance that your kayaks are going through easily avoidable deterioration, which could diminish their performance and, therefore, your enjoyment out on the water. Guarantee that your kayaks are resting in a snug position by choosing a distinctive product hand-crafted specifically for kayak storage. Log Kayak Rack has a breathtaking array of kayak storage racks that will provide your kayaks with a safe, secure and darn good-looking place to rest until the time comes for you to get back on the water again.

Protect Your Kayak with a Proper Storage System, Arkansas

Wear, hull damage, and holes can form when a kayak is stashed haphazardly on the ground. Kayaks are made for floating peacefully on water, not for being placed awkwardly on cut rocks, sticks, and dirt. And there’s more possibility for kayaks to suffer damages that they otherwise would not when they are simply kept on the ground. Utilizing the natural weather resistance of cedar logs, Log Kayak Rack has come up with a stunning collection of free standing kayak storage racks.


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8, 6, 4, & 2 place Kayak Storage Systems

No matter if you have a cabin full of excited kayakers or a resort full, we have the perfect storage system to handle all your needs. Not only can our cedar kayak racks hold about 100 pounds per space, but they are also a functional and pleasant-looking accessory for any natural scene; delivering durability, appeal, and security to any and all Arkansas properties.

Riverside Kayak Storage Rack

Perhaps you get your fun from white water rafting. Or maybe you enjoy navigating the many rivers and creeks around Arkansas at your own leisure. Either way, when your fun is over for the day, you’ll need a relaxing place for you and your kayak, or all 8 of them…Our free-standing cedar kayak racks will be a delightful sight on the river bank closest to you.

Beachside Kayak Storage Rack

Warm sunshine and a pleasant breeze comfort you, but sand blowing over your kayak? There are many reasons why people head to sandy beaches at the height of summer, but allowing their kayak to be used as the foundation for a four-story sand castle is definitely not one of them… Our sturdy and secure stationary kayak racks will guarantee that your kayak is high, dry, and out of the way when you aren’t on the water.

Oceanside Kayak Storage Rack

If you have property on water, you’re more fortunate than a lot of people. Whether you’re on Lake Ouachita or Beaver Lake, DeGray Lake or a smaller, more intimate lake, if your property draws kayakers, it would be wise to consider our cedar kayak racks, which would add organization and some charm. You can be assured that your guests will be impressed.

Free Standing Kayak Racks

Maybe you have a nice restaurant with a little access to shoreline – welcome in new customers and provide old customers as well with a sturdy and secure place to store their kayak and they will keep coming back. Maybe you have a company that rents kayaks – you can get much more life out of all of your kayaks by storing them in a proper fashion and showing your renters by your example the correct way to keep kayaks. Own a resort? Boost its visual and functional appeal by turning your resort into a kayak hot spot with aesthetically pleasing, long lasting protection for kayaks. Our rugged and sturdy kayak racks are weather resistant and can accommodate all makes and models of kayaks, including touring, recreation, whitewater and surf kayaks. And they do all of this while turning heads and creating buzz.

Regardless if you need just a single storage spot or 8 plus, Log Kayak Rack will craft a custom storage rack that will last for many years and be perfect for any needs you have. Browse through our standard 8 place, 6 place, 4 place, or 2 place kayak storage racks to see if any of our popular models float your boat, or contact us directly for a custom-made rack at 1-715-543-2006.

Our log kayak racks are available throughout Arkansas, including Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Jonesboro, North Little Rock, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff, Bentonville, Hot Springs, Benton, Texarkana, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Russelville, Bella Vista, West Memphis, Paragould, Cabot, Searcy, Van Buren, El Dorado, Maumelle, Blytheville, and more.