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Kayaking the Hudson Valley Town of Warwick, NY

Harriman Park New York State

Warwick is full of fun, relaxation, and natural beauty.  The Hudson Valley Town often flies under the radar, but it’s a beautiful place where nature and civilization seem to live side by side. It’s the perfect destination for those wishing to wander through nature.

Kayaking Destinations Near Warwick, NY

Explore the natural beauty of Warwick, New York with these top kayaking destinations.

Wawayanda State Park

Hewitt, NJ

Wawayanda State Park appeals to nature lovers of all kinds, including hikers, campers, swimmers and boaters. It’s located just 10 minutes from Warwick, NY and is filled with quiet charm. Forested hills surround Lake Wawayanda, a glacial and spring-fed lake, creating a restful backdrop for kayakers. There’s a boat rental facility and launching ramp near the lake’s beach and picnic areas. The park is part of the Northeastern Coastal Forests Ecoregion and also home to the 1300-foot Wawayanda Mountain.

Harriman State Park

Sloatsburg, NY

The second-largest State Park in New York, Harriman State Park boasts 31 lakes and reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails, two beaches, camping areas & scenic views. It is located in Rockland and Orange counties, just a half hour from Warwick. In addition to the park’s major lake attractions of Welch, Sebago, Tiorati and Silvermine, it offers miles of streams and scores of wildlife species to be explored.

Greenwood Lake

Warwick, NY

Greenwood Lake is an interstate lake that lies between New York and New Jersey. It’s approximately seven miles long and 1,918 acres. It boards the towns of Warwick and Greenwood Lake in New York and West Milford in New Jersey. The lake is a famous sightseeing spot for tourists and with a shoreline that’s dotted with waterfront restaurants, it’s a great kayaking destination if you are looking to paddle up for a drink or dinner.

Glenmere Lake

Florida, NY

Glenmere Lake is a 309-acre lake in the Village of Florida. The lake is biologically diverse, featuring shale ridgelines, mossy county, hardwood swamp, an open-water reservoir, and vernal pools. It is a popular fishing spot, home to hawks, owls and bald eagles, as well as the largest habitat of the Northern Cricket Frog in New York State. Swimming and motorboats are both prohibited, but the lake with its shallow, swampy waters offers a unique and diverse experience for kayakers.

Wawayanda Creek

Warwick, NY

Wawayanda Creek flows right through downtown Warwick. It’s 17 miles long and a tributary of the Wallkill River by way of the Pochuck Creek. The Wawayanda Creek starts northeast of Warwick near Wickham Lake. From there, it’s a five mile paddle through the nature filled, peaceful waterway to Warwick’s Memorial Park. 

Warwick, NY Kayak Storage

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